Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Fast for our Past

Lee Diamond – Fast for our Past

I remember

Can never forget


A fabric of woven memories

Form my identity

These memories hold me

They are unrelenting

The very cellular structure

Of the Jew!


The Jew doesn’t need to be

Commanded to remember

We live our past, daily!


And If we by chance

Have a junior moment

Or a senior moment

If the fabric of our being

Unravels at times

The world reminds us

Who we are!


Though we try at times  to forget


It’s not God who reminds us

It’s the rest of His creations

It’s the international organizations

It’s the Jew hatred

In the hearts of our fellow humans

“Hey Jews , don’t push it

Hey Jews, don’t try to be like us

Hey Jews, stop mistreating the

Poor Palestinians.”


“Jerusalem isn’t yours!

Not your capital city

Nor even your Wall.”

Or your holy mountain”


“Hey Jews, shape up or ship out”

“Keep the balance

Or Imbalance will rule!


And we the people with living memory

Still seek acceptance

Into a world  of selected

Or corrupted memory

Which disregards us

And dismisses our rite and right

To climb the ladder Of Jacob/Israel


Remember however

That We are

Made of Memory

We Jews

Are still here

Because of Memory

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