A Small Tel Aviv Guitar Factory is Getting International Attention

The B&G Guitars team, from left, Eliran Barashi, Yotam Goldstein and Avi Goldfinger. Photo by Anav Silverman

A Small Tel Aviv Guitar Factory is Getting International Attention

‘It’s not just about crafting a guitar; it’s also about crafting the best sound possible,’ says co-owner of B&G Guitars in Tel Aviv.

“Not far from the Old Jaffa port, on the corner of Abulafia Street in Tel Aviv, there’s a small guitar workshop where boutique guitars are handcrafted for customers as far away as Singapore, Hawaii and Dubai.” “Cofounders Yotam “Kiki” Goldstein and Eliran Barashi, together with company CEO Avi Goldfinger, have been making and selling B&G Guitars for a little more than two years.”


This is a wonderful example of an Israeli company being formed and prospering globally out of devotion and love producing the best quality guitars possible.


B&G Guitars was founded by Eliran Barashi & Yotam (Kiki) Goldstein – skillful and expert luthiers in the field of vintage guitars from the golden era, and Avi Goldfinger – an artist and entrepreneur. We are devoted to one thing only – creating the best sounding instruments on the market.

Our guitars are gimmick free. We create perfectly well-balanced, unique and original instruments that will ignite your passion for the only thing that matters – playing the guitar.

The “secret sauce” in our designs is the result of extensive research about what made models from early 20’s to the mid 50’s such timeless classics.

In order to create the best sounding guitars, we have one rule: Make everything ourselves.
We cast our own brass hardware from a unique alloy that conducts the fullest frequency range, and we even use thick brass pickup covers to isolate the coils instead of pressed tin covers.
We wind and make our own pickups, we mix and blend our own paint and nitro lacquer, and we use a rare stock of aged wood such as Brazilian Rosewood, African Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, and Eastern maple (some of it is 90 years old!).
We even make the glue and grain filler that we use.

The result is consistency in the quality and sound of our instruments. As a small workshop, we pay very careful attention to crafting the sound. If it’s not perfect to our ears, it doesn’t leave the shop.

Our main approach is “plug in & play” – that is, a great electric guitar must sound great when you plug it into a clean amp and there is only one cable between the amp and the instrument.

We love what we do. Please visit their web site B&G that contains great photos of the entire line of guitars including custom made. They also have live online help available if you have any questions.


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