Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Endless Jewish hope

Lee Diamond – The Endless Jewish hope

Some would judge the Jews to failure

They see the rapid alienation of North American

Jewry from their history and tradition

As a downward cycle with no end in sight.


These very judges see the end of Diaspora Jewry

At hand.

“Intermarriage is our undoing “

“Jewish ignorance is frightening”

“Jewish Peoplehood is no longer”

“ Jewish ethnicity -a thing of the past.”

“The days of common memories –of the past.”


These judges eulogize a once thriving

Jewish Community.


What is missing in their prophecies of doom

Is a faith which always guided and guides us

That is greater than any survey

Or statistic

It’s in fact that very faith that has kept us

Through thick and thin

When reality condemned us to extinction

We rose  again

From the valley of

Dry Bones

To become an exceedingly great host

Reuniting and replenishing

By the will of

God and the People of Israel.


For we have an inner and outer strength

That can not be extinguished

Despite ourselves

Despite predictions based on our present reality.


The Jews may look different in this new day

The Jews may count differently in this day

The Jews may act differently in this day

But they will the be Jews of their own world and

And count us as their forbearers


And as they pray

We will be the Abrahams and Sarahs

Of their prayers

And they will be the children of


Struggling with the God of a renewed Israel.


To the judges :

You may want to Change seats from the throne of


To the throne of Mercy

and be humbled by our eternity.


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