Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – That Pintele Yid & Thinking in the Box

Lee Diamond – That Pintele Yid & Thinking in the Box


That Pintele Yid

Like most American Jews

I felt comfortable growing up,

in my Americanism.

Like most American Jews

I knew that I was different

Different because of my religion

Like most American Jews

I lived In my Jewish family

All our friends were Jews.

I didn’t attend a Jewish school

But a public school

Yet almost all of my school friends

Were Jews.

My parents could not read  the Hebrew Alef Bet

They attended

Synagogue rarely

My father only closed his store one day

A year  on

Yom Kippur

I asked to be sent to Hebrew school

Because my friends were going.


We complained a lot about Hebrew school

But we kinda liked it secretly.

It was good to be a little different.


I must have been born with a


“Pintele Yid.”


Some kind of “spot” that made me

Who I was.


When In 1948 Israel was born

Our Hebrew school

Switched to Sephardic pronunciation

Over night

We learned HaTikva


We collected money in a blue and white

KKL box


We planted trees and even bought leaves

Over night

We had our Bar/Bat mitzvah

Seemingly over night.

And we became Jews over night


And that pintele Yid; that in born spark

Kept its control of me

As My chest now swells

As I call it by name

At this very moment.


I didn’t recognize the power

Of this “pint size spark”  within me


But It formed me.


I’m  a rational person

Not spiritual enough, I fear

But I must  surrender to that


That Inborn primal


From the deepest part

Of my body and soul

That I was given.


And I express this passion

In my thoughts, my breath, my prayer

In my love for Judaism and

For the life I live

As a Jew in



To my children and theirs

“Keep that flame burning.”

It’s my life and my gift to you.




Thinking in the Box

Everyone is trying to escape

The box

We have to go with the flow



Open up


Unstick ourselves

By Thinking  out of the BOX


Once upon a time I carried a BOX

It was blue and white

Had 3 words on it

Keren Hayemet Li Yisrael


I loved it!

I was proud to carry it

I carried it everywhere

And everyone was my prey

Not only Jews

Even people sitting in a bar

Even store owners

Or at a  family circle meeting


I really thought that I was building

A State

In a BOX

Actually I was in competition

With my friends

Who could fill the box ?

Who could bring more money?

I loved being In the box


But they made a State

And for some reason

Discontinued the box

Now If you want to return to the box

You have to buy the box

Not easy to get

These boxes are also collector pieces

Once we collected with them

Now they’re collectables!

I Want to to return to the box

To build a Jewish State


It’s  NOT done at all. Long way to go!

Everyday is a light unto Us!

Everyday brings us to a better place

When we stop being in and with the


We stop building the Jewish State,

I for one,

Want to return to the blue and white

JNF /KKL box

I, for one, want to continue to build the

Jewish State


As of old

I want that. BOX back.




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