Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Location location and Location

Lee Diamond – Location Location and Location

AJ Heschel  declared time to be holier than space

In fact Shabbat was the celebration of time.

The concept is brilliant

But it reflects mostly the spiritual essence of Judaism

Whenever my insensitivities emerge and I feel drawn to the world of SPACE, of everyday,

Heschel re- inpires!


But there IS  a world of space

Which is awesome

And which needs to be understood in our quest

For appreciation of Holy time


Space in Judaism is deeply significant

Abraham & Sara  encountered space

As did their progeny

Moriah was space

Paganism was space

The desert and the golden calf were space

Sinai was space

And at the end of this initial journey

They entered permanent space

Israel–(wrestling with God—Space)

The struggle was to infuse space with the holy,

With kadosh, kadosh kadosh

To fill all of the land and life

With Holiness; with kedusha .


To infuse every day,  every inch of soil  with Holiness

With a sense  of time

Is the struggle of Jews with God

Tzion is space and

Tzion Tzion Tzion

Is location, location and location


Israel must be as holy as Shabbat

As holy as Yom Kippur

Israel is where time  and space meet.


Some view Israel as the land of the Jews

But Israel is

Holy Location

Time and space united

Eternity must be the land

Upon which the Jew lives

In Eretz ha Kodesh .


Not at a holy wall

But in the holy time  and Space

Of the Jew in Israel

“Ki  mitzyon tetzei Torah

Udvar ha Hashem mi Yerushalayim”

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