Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond -The Jewish Diaspora and Israel

“mindmap” was created by Ward Shelley

Lee Diamond -The Jewish Diaspora and Israel

Not the Israel diaspora

Not Israelis who live abroad

Who have relatives, parents, siblings, children

Who have served or do still serve in the IDF


But the Jewish diaspora

Jews who prefer to live abroad

Away from the daily trials and tribulations

Of the Jewish State

They love us! They care for us!

They support Israel in every way.

But they are NOT here.


They speak In our name

They are vocal about Our cause

They protect us

But they are elsewhere


Actually they don’t quite understand us

We’re Jews of a different stroke

They really don’t ‘get” Us

Most of us are Secular!

Few of us are conservative or reform

Yet we’re Jews — not Jew “ish”

Jews through and Through

We wear the skin of Jews

Not the clothing of synagogue Jews

Or The suits of Shabbat Jews.


We a different kind of Jew

24/7 Jews


We have our problems

Israel is imperfect still

We have our politics–

They are maddening

No separation of “Shul and State”


We have our enemies

“Out for our throats”

Who by and large want us

In the sea,

But we are here and will never leave

Yet we seek acceptance

In this hostile environment


Only we,

We —means Israeli Jews—

Can deal and solve

With the  reality of the Jew in Israel


The Jewish diaspora owns the right

To the Law of Return

To the Jewish homeland

Welcome home


But Israeli Jews must be the sole

Decision makers of our young Jew State.


It’s insulting I know

But we’re not you and you’re not us.

We’ve done well in a Short History

Of 69 years

With your loving support

So please Keep loving us






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