Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Kotel and the Jew

Lee Diamond – The Kotel and the Jew

The struggle is in progress

Diaspora Jews demand their rights

Liberal Jews demand their claim to it

Israelis Jews see it as a non issue

Haredi Jews demand ownership

“Women of the Wall” fight for their rightful place

Reform Jews claim it

As well as Conservative Jews.

American Rabbis threaten to abandon Israel

Because of the issue of egalitarianism at the Wall


Why the angst ?

This ancient wall; this retaining wall of Herod’s 2nd Temple

An historical symbol and  memory

Of a loss of sovereignty


But I ask you

Haven’t we moved on?

We remember but we stride forward

To a new Judaism and Jerusalem  without ” one wall”

But walls of synagogues / batei Knesset.

Facing  Jerusalem from every direction


And keeping It as our highest JOY

But breaking the glass to start again


A few pray for rebuilding

Of a third Temple

But most of us see the state of  Israel as the fulfillment

Of that ancient dream.

Our Wall is the Wall of a free people in its land.


The Kotel is for many of us a  symbol of our past

To remember but not to worship to,

Or At


Authentic Jews remember

But authentic Jews pray everywhere !

Pray in different ways. In different words! In different

Garb; In different tones, mixed with fellow Jews


The Kotel Is simply


Yes, Location, location and  location

Let’s move on

Let’s build that location called Israel.

All of us, as the vision of the prophets

Of  Israel

And have  it become a light to the nations

And a light to the Jewish people

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