Howard Epstein

Howard Epstein – A DAY OF THE OutRAGEous

Howard Epstein – A DAY OF THE OutRAGEous

I write, continuing my theme of last week*, to lament the state of the once Great Britain. Reeling from two disastrous prime ministerial decisions, successive terrorist attacks and a towering public housing inferno in which some 80 to 100 people have died – all members of the weakest section of society – there is a mood on the streets, and at the Glastonbury contemporary performing arts festival – that, if continued, could propel Jeremy Corbyn (the object of adulation at Glastonbury) into 10 Downing Street within two  years, maybe more and arguably far less. The most challenged British government of our times, having to deal above all else with the Brexit negotiations, is a minority government, something last seen in 1974 and an arrangement that the British public abhor.

With an election possibly just over the horizon, electioneering may soon be relevant, and when it is the calculus will be all-important.

Aspiring political representatives will say anything to get themselves elected. They do not stand, and canvass and press the flesh and kiss babies, to lose. They do it to win, and if they  have to tread a path that would once have seemed indelicate or indecorous, they will do so, in order to gain a parliamentary seat. Accordingly, it is necessary to consider whom they have to schmooze – or, in other words, the make-up of the electorate.

Figures vary as to how many Jews there now are in GB. You can take your pick from 300,000 down to 220,000. Even if you knew which of those numbers is closer to the truth, to identify the size of the Jewish electorate, you would have to discount those below voting age, and the substantial number of Haredim who may be less motivated than your average voter to, well, vote. In terms of the population of the UK – now 66 million – the Jews look decidedly nothing like the king-maker that was Mrs Cohen of West Palm Beach, Florida, with her hanging chad, for George W Bush in 2000.

On the other hand, give or take, let’s say take, 300,000 Jews (definitely all of them), there are still around 4 million more Muslims over in dear old Blighty. Do they have an effect on political representation? Consider this: Britain now has Muslim mayors in (at least) London, Oxford, Luton, Oldham, Bradford and Rochdale. This is not a complaint but an psephological observation. Here is another: expect national voting to trend similarly.

Christians do not go to church much anymore. Jews, who attend synagogue, do so in ever-reducing numbers (outside the Haredi communities).

Muslims, on the other hand really know how to congregate, and not just for prayer. There are in the UK now over 1,700 mosques and over 100 Muslim Sharia Courts.

Who were the people living, and dying in the blazing Grenfell Tower? From all that one reads, and sees on television, they were predominantly Muslims.

Jeremy Corbyn and his sidekick, the Trotskyite John McDonnell, have unashamedly leveraged the (entirely justified) public outrage to seek to kick off a class war; and last Wednesday  launched a “Day of Rage” against the duly (just about) elected Conservative government, calling for its downfall. McDonnell wanted a million out, raging, on the streets but seems to have fallen short by around 999,500. Nevertheless, this is a movement that has just started and the Left have got the bit between the teeth.

Triumphalism was not limited to Mrs May’s vacuous prophesy that she would sweep the board. It is now abroad in the Labour Party where, despite having far too few seats to form a coalition government, together with all the non-Tory MP’s if they could get them, and despite losing the popular vote by fully seven per cent as against the Tories, Labour are behaving as though they won the election, and did so on an unashamedly left-wing agenda. (You know how that works: jam today and forever – or at least until they have spent so much of other people’s money it can go on no longer. By then, however, Britain may look like Venezuela, the stuff of Corbyn’s dreams.)

To be Labour is to be with the zeitgeist. To speak up for the Conservatives is equivalent to the most base act you can imagine – child molestation, shall we say? The Tories are regarded by the left as racist, homophobic and sexist. Only the Left can claim to hold the moral high ground. Given that, all others should be forbidden from expressing their views. After all, G-d is a socialist isn’t he? (He is to them, but then the Wehrmacht thought that G-d was with them, too.)

The Left do not want open debate. They want to shut it down. They do not want to see Tory flags in front gardens, so there are fewer and fewer of them; and it is always Tory posters, and rarely if ever Labour ones, that get defaced. Within Corbyn’s Parliamentary Labour Party, they want those MPs who were sceptical of him to grovel. In the meantime, they are ostracized.

You may think that this is reminiscent of Soviet politics and you may be right. But the Anglo-Jewish connection to all this is even more scary. Shorn of any meaningful electoral clout, the Jews can only sit and wait, and watch, as the risk of a government led by the anti-Semitic Corbyn cabal becomes ever more likely.

In the meantime, where did the outrageous “Day of Rage” idea came from? It was Made in Palestine. It comes from the West Bank and Gaza. Whenever they wish to protest against Israeli policies, Sunni Moslem Arabs hold a Day of Rage. It has been thus for several generations.

Those whose terrorism Europe and the USA have been funding for half a century, having developed it on the streets of their Israeli laboratory, have recently exported it bloodily to the streets of Europe, the UK and the USA. The Day of Rage is only their most recent export. Outrageously, the running dog of Corbyn (Hamas and Hezbollah’s own running dog), John McDonnell MP, Her Majesty’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, openly promoted The Day of Rage. And so far as his inspiration is concerned, no-one appears to have noticed its provenance.

Rage, rage (as Dylan Thomas wrote) against the dying of the light. And rage too as the lights are dimmed in the house of British democracy

© June 2017 Howard Epstein


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