Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond -Who are they?

Lee Diamond -Who are they?

Black clothed in summer

Black hats, sometimes with fur

Living in the heat of the middle east

But Dressed in 17th century Polish garb

Bearded and with payot

Anti State of Israel

Opposed to the IDF

“Haredi” Men

Living in Israel

But despising their very state.


They are telling me that the “Wall”,

The Kotel

Is theirs? That the wall is their “shul”

And That they will make and  dictate the rules?

The prayers ?

Who may pray there?

That I must pray only like them?


Who are they?

Who are they to dictate to me?


I am an Israeli

I chose to live here.

This is my land, my Jerusalem

My home!

I respect and serve In  the IDF

I speak Hebrew and not Yiddish

It’s my Kotel,

It’s my land

It’s my prayer

To the God of Israel.




I will not budge from here.”


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