Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Remembering that I’m a Jew!

Lee Diamond – Remembering that I’m a Jew!

Sometimes I live amongst them

Sometimes I live like a nomad

Sometimes I live in my land

Sometimes I find myself a slave

And sometimes I wander freely

In a desert

Sometimes I feel God’s presence

Sometimes I I forget who I am


When living a moment of life

I live in that moment

And the grand picture Is hidden

And the moment rules


But life is not lived in moments

Life is greater than any moment or

Even a collection of moments

Life is essence !

“And you shall place fringes upon your garments

For all generations

To remember my commandments

I am God ”


“Tzitzit ” is a “fringe’ for the Jew to remember

The Essence

and escape the moment.


The essence that makes us essential

The essence of  our uniqueness

The purpose of being Jews!


Just as we dress differently

So too do we eat differently

So too do we make our covenant  differently

So too do we speak differently

And live differently

And mark our doors


And teach our children differently

And wear our words of commitment

On our arm and between our  eyes


And face differently

Toward Zion

Toward our physical place


And celebrate differently

(“Why is this night different from all other nights”)


Is different better?

I think NOT

Is different superior?

I know that it is NOT


Does different conserve

Or preserve

Or carry on essence, forever

Even with change?

I think so!


So wear your Jewish self

With pride

Dare to be different

Don’t blend in!

Be essentially

A  Jew



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