Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Tenth Wo/Man

Lee Diamond – Tenth Wo/Man

When were you last counted in a minyan?

Being the 10th is an honor

It’s  like allowing for Jewish completion

As a praying community.


A minyan is a minimum community for most prayer


But no one cares if you are a believer

Or if you believe In The efficacy of prayer with or to a Supernatural Creator or Source of the Universe.


Theology is not an issue for a minyan.

Community is what matters for the Jews.

If you are an “apikorus” ( denier)   you’ll be counted.


If you don’t believe,

you still count in a minyan

How can that be?

You can be counted as a Jew in a minyan even as Denier? If you can’t s say שמע ישראל ה׳ אלוהינו ה׳ אחד  can you be counted In a minyan?


Yes! Absolutely


It is community that matters most for the Jew. Belief is secondary.


We are a people

We are spread out

We have common history

And common language

And culture

And music and literature

And holidays

And life rhythm

And memories

And diet


We are the people of the Book

And people of the land

Of Israel


And We All count

That’s without a doubt

So alway count yourself


All Jews Matter

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