Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Good for the Jews ?

Lee Diamond – Good for the Jews ?

Once I had a teacher

Who divided all history

Into “Good  for the Jews

Or Bad  for the Jews!”

So how would he relate to today?

Good or  bad for us?


I’m told that synagogues in the U.S.

Are having a “Trump Bump”

The Shuls ( Temples) are full again!

Seemingly the “tribe”  is nervous

Shades of antisemitism are visible

Immigration is threatened

Jews want to be accepted

But they still feel their immigrant status

” love the stranger because you were

Slaves in Egypt.”

It’s unnerving

To hear talk of “strangers”

Of Immigrants –who are unwanted or eliminated!


When our status is threatened

Even indirectly

—We huddle —-

We come together

We seek each other

We gain strength

From a sense of common status

We may call this “Tikun Olam”

But it’s really a “hug” from the family

And when the going gets tough

We get a “Trump Bump”


Hie long you ask

Will thus last ?

Is this good for the Jews?

Or bad for us?


Well. It’s been going on

Since Abraham and Sarah

You see,

נצח ישראל לא ושקר

“THE ETERNITY” of Israel

Never FAILs Us


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