Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Jewish Ignorance

Lee Diamond – Jewish Ignorance

Bibi deserves to be criticized!

His policies are narrow

And without Zionist vision

He fas failed the Jewish people

Time and time again!


Yet the distancing of  Diaspora Judaism has nothing to

Do  with Israel’s government nor

It’s policies.


Israel is our only Jewish State.

Throughout millennium we

Longed for her.

Her arrival was a miraculous gift

Of God and the Jewish people.


We’ve had leftist, centrist and rightist governments in Israel, yet

We’ve remained the only Jewish State! For distant and Israeli  Jews.

Israel is the only secure place on earth for the Jewish people

Israel is the only place where a Jew can hold his/her head high! As a JEW.

Israel is the only place on earth where a Jew speaks Jewish! (yes Hebrew is Jewish through and through)

Israel is the only place on earth where Jews celebrate their history and holidays every day and passing minute.

We are educated Jews in Israel

Yes the “secular Israelis” are very well educated Jewishly!

Our national history

Our language

Our weekly and annual rhythm

And our anthem

Are Jewish.


Diaspora Jews are “part time”



They claim that Israel’s government

And policies distance them from The Jewish State.

Nonsense!!! Absolute nonsense!


The Truth is that the fault of distancing between Israel and the Jewish diaspora lies in

The Jewish Diasporas

Frightening IGNORANCE

Never before in our history

Have we known such ignorance

It’s this Self chosen Jewish ignorance

This continuing search for a

Different Identity

For acceptance in their environments that makes for


From Judaism and Zionism and Israel.


But fear not, my  fellow distancing Jewz

Israel has your back?

Right Left and Center Israel

Won׳t forget you!

Because we are Jews.



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