Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond -Jewish Ethnicity is Dead

Lee Diamond -Jewish Ethnicity is Dead

“Ethnicity is dead” I am told.

American Jews are linked only by faith

Or by attempts at “tikun Olam”

There are no other commonalities amongst

These Jews.

In fact it’s  not politically correct

To call me a “Jew” anymore

We are now Jew “ish” —  not Jews

Jews means separate, different, unique.

Jew”ish”  is like everyone else with a slight twist

Of faith.


Nothing binds me anymore

The foods, the language, the history

The common memories

The songs , the names, the  literature, the symbols

The hopes

Are no more.


No longer a people

No longer a common future

Nor a common past

No longer a embracing vision

Nor a Zionist vision


Israel is foreign to me


It’s policies upset my “apple cart”

It’s not my land

They’re oppressors

Of “innocent Palestinians”

Jewish means repairing the injustice

Caused by a Jewish state


Zionism is racism and not my  Judaism

Zionism is Jewish nationalism

Which is not part of my religion


Palestine is where the injustice has been perpetrated.

Israel conquered and occupies.


Jewish believers pray to a God

Jewish people don’t need a land

We are part of humanity


“We are Jewish Americans”


And when Israel is attacked

It’s Because they are occupiers

Oppressors, the settlers

In the land of others!


Ethnicity is dead

I’m a religionist, a believer

Not part of a people

Not a Jew

But Jewish


Let it be known:

Jews were never ignorant




American Jewry

Has lost its dignity

It’s wisdom


Without knowledge

Has forgotten Exodus and Sinai

Has  become slaves to a foreign God

Lost in a wasteland of  identity

Worshipping a Golden Calf !

–Their right hand may wither–

–Their tongues may cleave to their palates–

If they continue to worship this idol.




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