Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Ha Tikva & When Will You Ever Learn

The Bat Mitzvah girl and Rabbi Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Ha Tikva & When Will You Ever Learn

The Jewish Heart that Beats True


“As long as the  Jewish heart turns inward

And our vision continues  to  yearn  for Tzion


We never lost  that Hope

That  Hope of 2000 years

To be a free people

In our land

In the land of Tzion

And Jerusalem”




A prayer?

An anthem?

A vision?

A statement?

A direction

A guide?


Above all —a Hope

Perhaps historical.

Perhaps messianic?

A uniting HOPE


As a child

I was taught

That HaTikva

Was the JEWISH

National anthem

Not only the Israeli

national Anthem

And it Is!


But, Why does a religion need an anthem?

Only a nation has an an anthem.

And  I discovered that

We are a nation

And that Even a nation in its diaspora

Needs a visionary, binding declaration.

An Anthem

A verbal musical mystical

Identity statement


And that HOPE

Brought us home


To Tzion and Jerusalem


Ha Tikva never fails

To bring tears to my eyes

Ha Tikva always

causes my heart to pound

To Beat quickly

And my soul to soar

My very being to exult

With Jewish pride

My chest to swell

From a fully beating  heart.


Yet, that Burning Pride has

Become Throbbing JOY

For I’m am home and an





When Will You Ever learn

We waited so patiently for You

Despite every thing we waited

We had faith in the promise

Of Your  redemption


When we suffered the most, we called

For Your  protection the most

And when You remained silent

We blamed ourselves – Not You!


We thought that we were guilty in Your eyes

We thought that we had been idolaters

And that’s what kept you Silent


We thought  that  we had

Mistreated one another

or were prejudiced

Self hating –שנאת חינם


We lowered our heads in guilt

And hopelessness

And thus, went like sheep to the slaughter.


But you, Sir,  went beyond the limit

In That  Shoah —-

It Was the same old command to

The children of Abraham

‘Take your son, your only son, whom  you love, Isaac

And offer him to Me  as proof of your love for me!״


But  not us, his children

You didn’t stop the knife and the slaughter

This time.



You claim to love us.

Love us How?


The only possible answer:

That You were teaching  us to

ACT for ourselves.

Not to wait

For outside help!

Not to wait but

To self determine

—That God helps those

Who help themselves —–


Some of learned this bitter lesson

We created a struggling state with Your name

IsraEl . And we still struggle


We struggle with our enemies

We struggle with our friends

We struggle with each other

And we struggle with YOU



When will You ever learn?


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