Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – If I forget Thee O Tel Aviv

Lee Diamond – If I forget Thee O Tel Aviv

Ancient And New

With the ancient feeding the new

And the new drawing upon the ancient

Tel —layers of civilization

Aviv —Spring or rebirth

Tel Aviv: an ancient people reborn and

Renewed  in their land

The New Jew  in the  ancient land


Before the State

Before independence

Gray seashells

White seashells

An allotment of land

Family by family

A kiosk

A lamp post

A water tower

The first jail

Wide boulevards

A gymnasium (High school) called Herzliah

The tongue of the prophets on our virgin lips

Hatikvah –Hope deep in our hearts

And our soul

The Jewish soul beat true


The Tanach –our authenticity

Our history

Our tradition


From the sands

Emerged boulevards

And homes–new homes

Bauhaus design

The white city

The renewed Jews In their ancient land.



Tisha bI’Av

Yom Kippur



Purim –Ad di  Lo Yada

Costumes of Esther Queen

Of Mordekhai and Haman

Hora Hora Hora –all through the night

The halil flute –“zum gali gali

Hechalutz lemaan Avoda”

The accordion

The poetry of old

And new

The paintings and landscapes

Of the old and new

The soldier

The Jewish soldier

The bar Kochba of old

Now the muscular and shapely new Jew


Tel Aviv


Jews build a city!

Jews with wheelbarrows

And cement

Jewish “gazoz”

And falafel


Theatre and music -“habima”

The Dybuk

The Trumpledor cemetery

Mezuzot on every doorpost

Everyone at a Seder

All Jewish

All Hebrew

All Jewish ethnicities


We didn’t just wait

~~Not  anymore ~~~

We built a Jewish state before we declared it.

In ancient / modern

Tel Aviv

And It was here that we declared

Our independence

And flew our flag

And danced

If We Forget Thee O Tel Aviv

Old but new Tel Aviv

Old but new Israel

Let’s Dance the Hora!

And celebrate Tel Aviv

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