Israeli Lior Geller’s film holds a Guinness World Record

Israeli Lior Geller’s film holds a Guinness World Record

Lior Geller’s  films have played at over 100 international film festivals and won over 35 awards earning an Emmy and Academy Award Nomination. He holds a Guinness World Record for most awards won by a student film.




Lior Geller’s graduate short film from the Steve Tisch School of Film at Tel Aviv University holds the Guinness World Record as the most highly decorated student film of all time and earned Lior an Academy Award Nomination.Synopsis
13 year-old Ismayil works for the most powerful drug dealer in the city of Lod; Daniel, a traumatized Israeli ex-soldier, often buys drugs from Ismayil, trying to escape his own inner demons. When Ismayil’s little brother is hired to help him with a sell, he decides he’s had enough, and in a frantic encounter deep in the city slums, Ismayil and Daniel find in each other a way out of their respective hells.

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From The Press
“It races the heart and is a consistent thrill from start to finish.”

“In Lior Geller’s entertaining, fast-paced Roads, it’s as if he threw into the Israeli-Palestinian cement mixer Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs,GoodFellas, the Brazilian City of God and Fresh.”

“Lior Geller’s Roads deals with political and social issues in a sophisticated and impressive manner, creating a fascinating cinematic experience, full of energy and passion. The film had us glued to our seats.”

Writer/Director/Producer: Lior Geller, Director of Photography: Nadav Hekselman, Editor: Amit Ginton, Music: Erez Koskas, Art Director: Odelia Lavie, Line Producers: Yoav Fuks, Ido Hartogsohn, Darya Vogelman

A scene from Roads (2007)

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Lior grew up in Israel and New Jersey, and studied film at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University. His graduate short film, Roads, played at over 100 international film festivals earning a Guinness World Record for the most highly decorated student film of all time and an Academy Award Nomination.  The success of his student short brought Geller to Hollywood where he has since sold three feature scripts as writer including the true life spy thriller “Alone In Damascus” for Eric Eisner’s Double E Pictures, edited over 75 movie trailers, directed 12 hours of network TV including a six-episode doc/reality series and an Emmy nominated German-French-Israeli feature documentary. Recently, Geller directed 16 episodes of the CW’s series “Hatched” Season 2, a feature length true crime documentary about an incarcerated veteran and is currently prepping his first feature film while developing a TV series based on the biblical story of the Maccabees together with “Rome” co-creator William J. Macdonald.

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