Make an Impact by Supporting Israeli-Ethiopian Students

Make an Impact by Supporting Israeli-Ethiopian Students.

We personally endorse the Forgotten People Fund and their activities. This is an all volunteer organization.

Make an impact by supporting Ethiopian Jewry

The Forgotten People Fund provides laptop computers for Ethiopian-Israeli students who lack the resources to purchase their own computer. We all know how essential a computer is in today’s learning environment. It is almost impossible to succeed at the college level without an up-to-date functioning computer.

The Forgotten People Fund’s goal for calendar year 2017 is to supply 60 laptops, and it is reaching out to caring individuals throughout social media who want to see Ethiopian-Israelis succeed in Israeli society.

Our crowdfunding campaign seeks to meet 10% (6 laptops) of our 2017 target. A donation of any size will be enormously appreciated and make a real impact on achieving educational equality for Israel’s Ethiopian-Jewish community.

Donations are received in association with the Good People Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the US.

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