Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Never Enough & That Very Thin Line

Lee Diamond – Never Enough & That Very Thin Line


Never Enough


I’m told that Israel became a nation

When we crossed the sea

But I’m told that even If the sea

had not opened for us it would have been




I’m told that if we just stood before the.

Smoky mountain

Without receiving the Torah

This would have been enough



That If we never entered Eretz Yisrael

That, that too would have been enough



But I ask

Why Would it have been  enough

To be a nation

Without a Torah and

Eretz Yisrael?


Why are we so humble

Why can’t we demand more

Why allow ourselves

To stand before a fiery mountain

Empty handed


Why travel to our goal of

The promised land

And remain in the wilderness

And accept our incomplete

Status —


why are we willing

–Willing to settle for so little

When we deserve so much more


The promise of Torah

The promised land

The promised people


No Sir

These are not up for negotiation

Remember Us?

We’re the Jews!

We’re stubborn

You said:  “Demand

Justice” ….. And  reach higher !


That Very Thin Line

When does a Jew  cease to be one?

When does s/he cross the line?

When can he/ she no longer

Be counted among us or allowed to be married Within  the fold.

חרם or excommunication Is hardly an option today.

Although such punishment was allowed

For Spinoza! And others.


But when a Jew damages his/her people

By  denying its right to be

By defacing the name of Israel

People or state

Publicly and among the nations

Can this not be viewed as treason

To the Jewish people?

If words kill

If words can lead to delegitimization

Of the land

Or the people


If this hostility

Damages or destroys ..

Is this none other

Than high treason?

Worthy of separation

From the people and the land?

Not included in a minyan of 10.

Or citizenship?


Are we so timid

That we fear minimal loyalty.?


Freedom of speech you say?

Every  Jew can speak his truth,

You say?

Write his thoughts you say.


No matter the consequences

To the people If Israel?


Traitors and treason are defined

By every nation!

They are “outed” by every religion

And every state worth it’s weight in democracy.


What about self respecting  Jews

Worth our weight in pride and


Who are Greater than all renegades

Who’ve crossed that very thin line


We matter too!


photos: likesuccess.com, El-spice – blogger

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