Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – To my “Tzabar ” Sons From an Abba(father)

Lee Diamond – To my “Tzabar ” Sons From an Abba(father)

You’ll really never know

My heart

You’ll really never fathom

My soul


Will you understand

Why we’re here?

Why I left

The land Of  my birth

To the land of my



For you it’s home

The land of your birth

It’s natural

It’s the only life that

You’ve known


For me, your  abba

It’s completion

Of a life of love

Of a people

The  Jewish people


I was born as a Jew

And knew no better

No different

Even took it for granted


But one day I woke up

With a burning passion

To feel myself

Within the soul of

The Jews


I chose to learn

I chose to discover

My own culture

My own history

My own language

My own religion


And I fell in love

With my being

My Unique being

uniquely part

Of a whole

Called the Jewish people

It captivated me

I became whole within it


And I came here

To Israel

So that You could be natural


Not outsiders in another’s land

Not in need to find that

Jewish spark within  you


But as the unknowing spark

The 24/7 spark

That burns as your life.

The silent fulfillment of the

לבב פנינה   The inner heart

Which defines you

And guides you


I’m here for you

So you need not


The Jew you are


You’re the unconscious and conscious



I’m the self conscious Jew

You’re the natural Jew

Thank God


Let It burn


“In the land of Tzion And Jerusalem”

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