Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Earthly and Heavenly Jerusalem

Panoramic view of Jerusalem. Israel

Lee Diamond – Earthly and Heavenly Jerusalem

David wanted to build it

But couldn’t

Solomon did!


David danced passionately before

The ark of the covenant

As it entered Jerusalem

Perhaps too passionately

Perhaps David needed to

Be a statesman

and to control His passions

Passion can be dangerous

Statesmanship is of this earth

David loved Bathsheba deeply

Again his passion!


Solomon maintained  Thousands

Of Wives and concubines

Not for love but for

Empire expansion

for Statesmanship


Passionate people

Do not Temples build

Solomon the wise

Builds alliances

Amasses treaties

And a Temple built


Heavenly Jerusalem

Is built by passion


Earthly Jerusalem

Is built by statesmen


If only David

Could have carved his

Passion into stone

And Solomon his building

Infused with passion built


Where was Solomon’ passion?

Why was his Temple a monument

Stones and mortar


Better no stones

Than stones of power


Better the passion

For a awesome


Expressed in a vigorous dance

And a melodious psalm


Than a palace for the

God of the universe

A creator of all

Who defies a house


Yes, we need temples

But we need passion more

We need to sing unto

The lord

A new song

Imbued with


David was in awe

Of A Heavenly Jerusalem


Solomon sacrificed

Before a house

Of bricks and stones.


Are we descendants

Of awe

Or stones?


David King of Israel must live on!

Heavenly Jerusalem: A digital painting of Orit Martin


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