Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Why can’t we let Go?

Lee Diamond – Why can’t we let Go?

In just a few days

We will  be declaring that:

“In every generation

THEY Tried to destroy us”


Why can’t we just

Marvel in our freedom?


Why can’t we simply

Appreciate our freedom?


Why can’t we celebrate

The renewed state of Israel?


Why dwell on  the past?

Why doesn’t the Seder

Mention the change in

Our fate –as a nation?


Why not emphasize the

Second part of this sentence?

“But the Holy One saved us

From their hands’


“They tried to kill us

But the Holy One saved

Us from their hands”


Why suffer ?

Why not proclaim

Joy and appreciation

For redemption

From the  eternal slavery and

Pogrom and holocaust

Of our people?


Why not learn

Never to oppress

Others ?


Why not be the leaders

In this world

For releasing the bonds

Of slavery for all oppressed peoples

As we declare at the beginning

Of the Seder “


“Let all join us !

In our Seder

Rich and poor

In celebration

Of freedom”


Rather than declaring

Fear of the other?


Is the Seder a celebration

Of Freedom from oppression?


Or a warning

That it will happen again?

As it always has?


Perhaps the final words

Of this passage

“But the Holy One saves us

From their Hands’

Answers this question!


We suffer

God saves

God delivers


And again and again

We suffer—

And The  Holy One

Will deliver?


Perhaps  that’s the message


“Be strong and of good courage’


Because we are now on holy ground”



Don’t let go!

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