Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Where will you be for Seder

Lee Diamond – Where will you be for Seder

It’s only Thursday

The Seder is next Monday

Today I was asked at Least 10 times

“Where will you be for the Seder?”


Not : “ are you attending a Seder?

Not: “do you observe Passover ?

Not: “do you eat matzah on Passover?



It really works here.

The biggest sale items are new

Pots and pans and dishes!


Every house is busy doing Pesach cleaning

The garbage trucks are over loaded

With old items or chametz items


Kids are off from school already

Special Pesach camps open for

The children of working parents


Family starts arriving from the north and south

And the center to the north and south


Hotels and guest houses are over-priced

Yet full to the brim

Every hotel has a Seder

Pesach is a gift giving holiday

And the shops are brimming with gifts


The supermarkets are Kosher li Pesach

The “chanetz’ is hidden in the covered shelves.


Pesach foods abound

Recipes appear from every

Cultural and ethnic group

In the press.


The air smells

Of Pesach

And the weather bursts forth as spring

And the wild flowers color the ground



Pesach’s in the air


We succeeded in our exodus

As we created a Jewish

State of Israel!


Where will You Be for the Seder?



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