Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Who Has Chosen Us….

Lee Diamond – Who Has Chosen Us….

We were chosen

Or so our tradition declares

But Chosen for what..?



As a demonstration

To the world

Of The living God’s

Will in human society?


Chosen :

Because we were (are) Better?



Because He held that mountain

Above our heads? And threatened us?



maybe because there

Was no other choice for God

Because all others refused ?


Or was it out of fear

Or lack if self confidence

To Dare to say NO!


Why Us?


Why didn’t we say No Thank You, Sir!

Let us just be!

Like the rest of your creations

The normal ones

They don’t carry these extra burdens

Their freedom was born with them

And we had to flee to freedom

A sea had to open for us

As they held their safe shores


We were the butt of Your nations

Yet. Chosen


We’re still the despised

Yet Your chosen,

We are accused by

Your own creations

Your other kids

On the block

Of being different


Why be chosen?

Why not join the Unchosen

The uncircumcised—

To shrug it all off

And accuse those who prefer

To carry the load



It’s safer and easier

to be a heathen

An infidel, an “Apicurus”

Even a blasphemer

Insensitive to your glory

And “Mastership Of Your Universe”


But free of the title



Who needs Brachot?

Who needs Mitzvoth?

Who needs kashrut ?

Who needs Shabbat?

Who needs tikun Olam?

Who needs social justice?

Who needs daily praise ?


Let us be

Let us be

All that we request is to

Let us be!


We need to lighten the burden

Of the heavy-laden wagon

And fly like the swallow

Winging swiftly through the sky!


Even the swallows

laugh at our burden

Of choosiness

And accuse us

And judge us

As fools


Be like us ! They say

Use God’s world

It’s fun

Don’t try to fix it


let’s Blame the few Jews

When things get tough

There’ll always be Jews enough to

Blame, They’re  Suckers


But We’re afraid

Of Sinai

Above us



And won’t  cut us loose


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