Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Terrorism

Lee Diamond – Terrorism

Three acts of terrorism in London
Every newscast focuses in depth
The world expresses its horror and rightly so
Leaders of the world offer help of any and every sort to the U.K.
Careful use of the word terrorist lest we accuse wrongly .
No name released lest the terrorist be identified with a particular community!

What a sane world we live in?
What a moral world we have?
We protect the terrorist from false accusation.
As we cringe in our own communities.

This is democracy at its best.

But terrorism has achieved its goal already
Just what its seeks to achieve
There’s the bad terrorism of London
And the acceptable terrorism against Israel
See below!

Israel is rarely mentioned in the media
When terrorized!
Daily attempts against Israel are thwarted by our security agencies
And when attacked Israel is often accused of being its own worst enemy?

For Israel, the horror is justified or unmentioned
It’s the “occupation” or it’s the “settlements”
The world glorifies the terrorists when it comes
To Israel.
Killing Israelis and Jews is not terrorism.
After all it’s only Jews in the only Jewish state.

Good terrorists
Bad terrorists
And the families
Of the protected terrorists
Are honored
As heroes
And their families provided
For life
Monuments rise in their honor

And terrorism achieves
It’s goal

But we the Jews and Israelis know
We’ve always known it
And we expect nothing more or less from you.
God bless every one lost to terrorism
In Paris, Brussels, California and Florida

And God bless Israel which stands alone
And will continue to do so alone.

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