Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – “Negation of the Diaspora” Revisited

Lee Diamond – “Negation of the Diaspora” Revisited

It was once considered

politicly incorrect

To negate the diaspora

Each should support the other

Two independent communities

Israel and the Diaspora!


Some considered the concept

Of a wheel in which there was a center

And spokes! Israel was the center and each Diaspora community was a spoke!


The Diaspora fed the center

And Israel fed the spokes.

A nice symbiotic relationship!

Problematic but workable.


But the spokes began to wither

and lost focus

And as such began to consider

Themselves as centers of their own


And the center began to strengthen

And become independent

Of the spokes

In quantity and in quality!


The wheel was no longer a wheel

Babylon and Jerusalem

Each functioned with its own velocity

The roads travelled

Were no longer the same!


Separate roads for separate needs

And communities!

Each respectful

And hopefully supportive of the other

As much as possible.

You know

“Different strokes for different spokes”


But the dwindling and withering

Diaspora communities began to

See themselves only in their own image

And maintained their issues as Holy

The were the holy temples

And the center lost its urgency

In their world view.


More than that

The center became embarrassing

To their quest for acceptance.

To be like the others

to be Jews by faith only.


The center was sovereign

A sovereign state

Deciding its fate in a Jewish democracy


The Diaspora fragile

And needing acceptance

Amongst their host nations

Felt the need to criticize

The Jewish nation state.

because it



And not a state of Faith

Or A belief or a religious tradition

Or spiritually

As the diaspora was.


Israel is sovereign

Israel speaks its own language

Israel defends

Israel votes

For good and bad

Israel selects its own government

For good and for bad

Israel decides for good and bad.


So Israel embarrasses

The JFA –the Jew for Acceptance.


So the “JFA” needs  to try to form

The sovereign  state of Israel

In its own image


Jews Begging to be accepted!

Jews Bowing before correctness

Jews Genuflecting as necessary


When Israel turns right

The diaspora cringes

When israel turns left

The diaspora cringes


When Israel fights its wars

Of survival

When Israel determines

It’s direction

The spokes are threatened

because they too are Jews

But Jews who

want to be accepted among

The nations of their dwelling.


And the gap increases

And the negation

Of Israel




The negation of the diaspora

Is politically incorrect


But the Negation of Israel

Is politically Correct!


Israel holds its tongue

And remains loyal to the


Despite its failures and weaknesses


Because we are the Jewish State

—Of all Jews—-


Even when rejected!


Negation of the Diaspora Part I




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