Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Let’s Eat %#^*+=€£¥

Lee Diamond – Let’s Eat %#^*+=€£¥

It was great in Persia

We never had it so good

We lived well

No one bothered us


Our brothers and sisters

Had left for old Israel

To rebuild the destroyed Temple

You know, the Temple  destroyed

By the babylonians in 586 bce

They were the goodies

The “friers”


We decided that life was too good

Here in the Persian diaspora

So we stayed


We just had to live by their rules

Not make a fuss about

Being Jews

Speak Persian

Eat Persian

Dress Persian

Keep our Jewishness

Under our Persian hats.

And Persian pants!


“Be a Jew at home and  a Persian

On the streets of Susa”


But occasionally there was

A flare up of xenophobia

“Persia first” pogroms

You know, “the Jews are our misfortune”

“They control everything

The media

The palace

Even the monarchy”


“Why don’t these Jews  go to their own country?”


But We Rich Persian Jews loved

Our carpets

So we hid our Judaism

Became “invisible”

Hidden Jews


Took Persian names



Great to hide behind a name

Even if it’s a bit “goyish’

Even if it’s a bit like calling

Your kid Chris or Mary


We made it to the top,

The court!


Safe but Treif!


But they caught us

One day

With our pants down

Or was it with our busts up?


We were outed!


So We used our influence

And saved our Jewish “tuchuses”

And managed to defeat

The Jew hater

May his name and memory be blotted out

Grrrrrrr *^%#{}€£¥


So let’s eat

To celebrate


In order to prove that

Persia and all


Are safe

If we hide!


Let’s be happy

Let’s get drunk

Reverse all logic

And hide

In costume

And masks

So we can

Hide from ourselves

Hide from them

Hide from God

And criticize our dumb brothers

And sisters



And laugh;

Have masquerade


Send gifts

To Our poor “Poorim”

Brothers and sisters

Who returned home

To Israel

To God


And to Jewish names

And no more Jewish shame

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