Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – My Dybbuk

Lee Diamond – My Dybbuk

Dedicated to my children

It won’t let me go

It possesses me

It holds my very breath

My soul

I try to flee it

With all my strength

But its claws grasp me

From within

At every second and every



I want to be released

To have this dybbuk exorcized

From within


I suffer

And  I’m dragged down by this

Creature, this Dybbuk


I need help

Even at this late point!


The antidote to dispel

The “anti bracha”

The curse to tear it out of my

Captured soul.

It’s called “Golus” or “Galut”

It’s called the “exile mentality”

I ran from it

Changed my location

Left it behind

As I travelled worlds

And languages

And aged away from it


But as much as I left Golus


It never left me

It has entrapped me

Golus holds me in its



As my days come to a close

I wish to release

Myself from its grasp


I want to be just an Israeli

And not burdened

By Diaspora

Diaspora is “geihenom”

The place of child sacrifice

To a foreign god called molech.

A god called Golus.


I need an “exorciser”

Who will reach into my soul

And extract Golus from me.


I came here to be free

My kids are free

Their entire generation

Is free

Because Golus can’t

Survive in a pure

Israeli soul


But my infection

Was born in fertile

Exile soul

And it survives

And condemns

Me to its grasp.


Replanting my soul

To the soil of Israel

Didn’t eliminate

My diaspora born Dybbuk


It must be such a joy

To breath the air

Of Israel

Without the weight of

The Jewish people on my shoulders

On our shoulders


Let the Israeli stand tall

Shoulder above shoulder

Never to be burdened

Never to crouch

Never to slouch

By this burden


“Be strong and of good courage”


You native born, you free souls

You new Jews

You disease free Israelis


“Because the place upon which

You stand upon today

Is holy.”


image dybbuk from easystreetmag.com

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