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What is it about the friends of the Palestinians? The Europeans (largely Catholic) have waged a two thousand year war against the Jews and, instead of recognising Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East – as a force for good, they fund the Arab-Muslim terrorism that was always designed to harm us, but is now the New Normal that haunts them. A simple reality check would have told the Euros that we are constructive and our enemies nihilistic. Is it so hard to see who it is that deserves to be supported?

Then again, take their co-religionists, the Irish, so pro-Palestinian that, despite the frailty of their economy, they fall over themselves to send more and more fish to a supplicant that desperately needs a fishing rod.

The Euros – not some alien force from outer-space, euphemistically called “The Nazis”, but the Germans, and their willing accomplices all over Europe – fell over themselves in the Shoa to render their little corner of the loftily-civilised continent of Voltaire, Mozart and Hegel entirely Jüdenrein. Such cruelty came easily to them. And the Irish? Do you think them less bestial? How, despite their neutrality, they must have salivated in their dreams to have had but a bit part in the Shoa!

The Irish, those great moralisers, who gained their independence from the British a generation earlier than Israel, got nowhere until they joined the EU (and took out daily as much lucre as the British put in). They could not even organise a property boom until Ireland became a tax haven for Dell, Amazon and Apple off-shore service centres for the UK – yet still has an economy that is a mere shadow of that of Israel. The Irish, who have so little standing to their credit in the global scheme of things, have never missed an opportunity to lecture Israel about its inhumanity to its Palestinian neighbours. Now that is strange given that it is they and not us who raise their infants and children on a diet of quasi-snuff movies, with the parts of the Israelis acted out for the viewers’ delight, replete with lashings of tomato ketchup in all the places they would like to see Jewish blood coursing.

Ah, the Irish. Now that wouldn’t be the same people as put their unmarried colleens with child out of the sight of their oh-so-moral Catholic society, lest its pure image be thereby sullied, would it? It would. And it was, as we saw in the 2013 movie, Philomena, a matter of: “Off to the laundry, wi’ye, and no mistake, where y’ll work for the nuns for nuttin’ until yer kid is sold to some otherwise childless American couple [the dollars going not to the bereft mothers, of course, but to the Holy Church].”

Now, however, lest the Emerald Isle’s pristine shores still beckon, we need to confront an Ireland that has more in common with the Nazis and the Euros than we ever realised. If the greatest crime of Europe was genocide, it is one of which the Irish now stand accused, too – by their own women.

It was widely reported over this last weekend that:-

The remains of babies and young children have been found in a septic tank at a former home for unmarried mothers run by Catholic nuns in the west of Ireland, where almost 800 bodies are thought to have been disposed of.

A commission set up to investigate alleged abuse at church-run mother-and-baby homes has been directing an excavation at the building in Tuam, near Galway, which was managed by the Bon Secours Sisters.

It said that it had discovered a “significant” amount of infant human remains in a large underground tank at the former home, which operated between 1925 and 1961. The tank was split into 20 chambers and remains were found in at least 17 of the compartments.

Records show that in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s the mortality rate for illegitimate children was often more than five times that of those born to married parents. On average, more than one in four born out of wedlock died.

In 2014 the Archbishop of Dublin said that “if something happened in Tuam, it probably happened in other mother and baby homes around the country”. The commission is investigating 17 other church-run institutions.

I hate to do the math at a time like this, and admittedly we are not going to end up in a ball-park of anything like 6 million, but if there were “only” 18 such institutions, and if, as the Archbishop of Dublin clearly suspects, there is a pattern here, and, if 800 bodies represents 600 that met premature deaths, then we are looking down the wrong end of 10,000 innocents done away with by ladies in black gowns and Holy Orders over a generation. Who would have thought it of the Catholic Church? Yes, that one, the great Catholic church whose dark record on paedophilia is longer than your arms and mine put together. We used to think that young men wanted to get into the clergy but then we learned it was the other way round.

That’s the monks and priests for you – but the nuns? Here is today’s report from Dublin:

Women who were sent to homes for unmarried mothers in Ireland want genocide prosecutions to be brought after human remains were found at a centre where the bodies of almost 800 infants may have been dumped.

The 63 members of Irish First Mothers, who range in age from their early forties to their late seventies, have written to Ireland’s attorney-general alleging that the state-sanctioned and mostly religious-run homes violated genocide laws by causing them serious bodily and mental harm through mass internment and forcible removal of their children. They want the religious groups involved to face prosecution.

This story is just beginning. In the meantime, I have said it before and it warrants saying again: judge us by the quality of our enemies. That way, (even though we may not be) we look like angels.

© Howard Epstein – March 2017

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