Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Extra blessing Or Curse


Lee Diamond – The Extra blessing  Or Curse

They speak only for their

Assimilated, fearful selves.


J Street would present itself

As a pro Israel lobby which  chooses to improve Israel in its own image!


In who’s image?


What exactly provides them with

the authority to define Our Image?


Despite the “J” Are they Jews?

Are they Israeli Jews living

In the American Jewish diaspora?

Are they Israel connected at all?

Are they involved in The American Jewish community other

than in organizations criticizing

Israel and its existence?


Are they educated Jews?

Do these J streeters pay taxes in Israel?

Do they serve in the IDF?

Do they send their children to serve

In the IDF ?


In their image ?


Do they believe that Zionism is an essential part of Judaism?


In their image?


Are they aware that Israel is and has been at war since its formation by the U.N. and that the Palestinians and most Arab countries have been to war and are at war with Israel.


Do they view Israel as the Jewish State? Or the state of all Jews.


In their image ?


Are they prepared to take part in the Jewish State and its institutions by being citizens here? By voting

for or against out government and its policies? All Israelis do exactly that!


Or perhaps they wish to hide from their Judaism and Jewish consciousness by criticizing Israel.


Perhaps this is a new American Jewish way of assimilating.


In their image?


Perhaps ‘this is really  a way of denying Jewish people hood or Jewish ethnicity?


In their image


Perhaps J Street and its cohorts with implied Jewish names should rethink their claim to speak for the Jewish people who regard their activities with disregard, disrespect and



In the Jewish tradition, there is a prayer about מלשינים or Jewish slanderers in which we pray to God that they have No Hope or Future

ברכת המינים

ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה וכל כרגע תאבד

וכל איביך מהרה יכרתו והזדים מהרה תעקר ותשבר ותמגר ותכניע במהרב בימינן

ברוך אתה יהוה שובר איבים ומכניע זדים


As a Jew; as an American; as a Rabbi and as a a lover  of Zion, as well as an leftist Israeli:


I call for the American  Jewish community to consider

“herem” חרם

Ex-communication for such heretics!


Perhaps it’s time to close the tent flap and to make a circle of stagecoaches to protect ourselves?


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