Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Better Than Ever

Lee Diamond – Better Than Ever

Where are the good old days

When schools were schools

When kids were kids

When teachers were ‘Ha Moreh (ah)

When kids stood at attention when

The teacher entered the classroom

When there was discipline

No shouting

No flippancy


When learning mattered

When grades were grades

And not the basis for bargaining


When parents knew their place

When parents respected teachers

And demanded of their children

To behave and study

Hard daily.


Classes are so big today , 40+

Our Teachers don’t understand Our kids.

I have to hire tutors

So my child will succeed


They’re not reading yet!

And it’s two months into

First grade!


Where are the good old days?

Like when we were in school!


In those days we knew history;

And Tanach

And lashon


Today our kids can’t read!

Don’t know grammar

High Schools are simply “bagrut” factories

And my kids had better get a good “bagrut.”

Or the school will be at fault.


But wait a minute!!!


You went through this system!

You were undisciplined!

You were among the 40 +

In your class

You shouted and were undisciplined.

You forgot all the tricks you played.


Yet you are educated, mature,

Committed, worldly, and knowledgable



Did you know that

Your kids today

Are among the very best


No I’m not naïve at all

I’ve observed this

In all our kids

And in you

There’s no comparison


They are caring

They smile the smile

Of real joy, an inner smile

They are so genuine

They share their inner truths

They can speak to you

And to other adults

They feel comfortable

In the presence of

Your friends

And your relatives

And grandparents


Sure they speak faster to their


But have time for us,

Know who we are

And Who they are.


Don’t assume that they know less–

Less history; less tradition; less tanach;

Less Hebrew and “dikduk”


They often know more

About more

And leave us behind

Wondering how they know

So much?

Ask so much!

They add new words to our language

And we have to learn from them.


Why can’t we be so

Innovative and literate and creative

In the  computer? In robotics!

In science? In life.


And they’re sooooo nice

Good values

They’re so good looking too


In touch and comfortable

With their identity


Their Judaism is authentic

And not necessary to question

How Jewish they are

or if they know the siddur

They’re “bi seder!”


It’s who they are

And it’s truly authentic

They live in Jewish skin


They’ll seek the best choices

In Tzahal צה״ל, the IDF!

It’s clear to them

That צה״ל is part of being

A Jew and Israeli

It’s who they are!


They may or not kiss

The mezuza,

But they will place

It on the doorpost

Of their homes when they have

Their own homes


Because that’s what we do!

It’s our secret code


Their names are all

Hebrew; Jewish—

And so are the names

Of their world

“Th” is tough for them to pronounce

But “ח” is natural.


Somehow we did it

Somehow we overcame

The lack of discipline

The lack of respect


Despite—The grades, The psychometric exams,

The army,

The eternal debates and shouting

About the politics of our state


And these kids become “menchen”

Worthy of us and our respect.


They become better parents

Than we were

Or maybe as good as us

Because they built upon us

With values

That we respect.


How did this happen?


Maybe with a little help from

The crucible that we live in

Still struggling to be free.

Maybe because we are forming

A state and society of our own.

With our own hands

And minds and hearts!

Every day


Maybe there’s something in our

History or in our genes

That protects us and guides

Our true nature


After all we have common diseases

So why can’t we have common genes


Maybe it’s a “Force”

Greater than us

Maybe we  just remember

The inner voice

Of Sinai

And the thunder and lighting

Maybe our vision

And the sounds of this experience

And the mountain

Held above our heads

Maybe all this Defines our essence


Maybe Sinai caused us

To be  forever young

And struggling to grow younger



Maybe we’re


The Better Than Ever Israeli Jews.


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