Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Like a body without a Soul Or Like a soul without a body

Lee Diamond – Like a body without a Soul Or  Like a soul without a body

“Im a Jew

But not a Zionist”


Or “I’m a Jew

But  not very “Jewish”!


Or ‘I’m not religious

I’m reform!”




Just as Reform Judaism

Is religious


Just as all Jews are Jewish


So too, there is no such thing

As Judaism without ZIONISM

It’s the body which houses the soul

Of Israel!


Zionism is as old as Genesis

We are commanded to leave our


And To go to the land

That He showed us.


To settle in Israel from the

Day of Our Birth!

Lech lecha

‘Gur baAretz hazot”

Live in this land!!!!!!!


Can a Jew deny the Torah?

Can a Jew reject the covenant


But Torah is nonetheless, Judaism

No matter his/her objection.


Zionism means Jewish center

Zionism means Jewish connection

Zionism means that

We are One

As God is One

And that is our



There are those of us

who deny Zionism

Deny Judaism

Deny commonality

Deny our center


Shemah Yisrael

Without a center

We can’t be!

We fall and falter

Without balance

Without finding

Our center

Like standing on one foot forever.


Zionism is our direction

Zionism is our glue

Zionism is the land

We stand upon.

Two feet solidly

Standing firmly

On our soil and

With our common soul


Zionism is ethnicity

Zionism is our unique culture

Zionism is as essential to


As Sinai was and is

To a Jew


Golah is loss of direction

Without a compass

No north

No East


And to those who chose

To  forfeit

And follow a different



Your choice !


But don’t redefine

Our direction

As a nation

As A people

As Am Yisrael

As a nation

Of flesh and Blood



“If we forget Thee Zion

We lose our cunning

And speech

If it isn’t above our

Highest Joy”

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