Meet Superlinks: Reimagined Hyperlinks With Superpowers

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Meet Superlinks: Reimagined Hyperlinks With Superpower

This updated version of the hyperlink is the first of its kind in 25 years, and is hoping to create some noise in the Israeli tech industry.


For startups, the idea of penetrating overly-saturated market with newly-created technology may seem frightening, yet the Israeli startup scene seems to be steadily growing. In fact, in 2016 the number of Israel-based startups grew exponentially, and combined, earned more than $4.5 billion dollars in respective niches.


One of those spaces is in marketing and advertising technology, the area in which companies like Spotad have found their place and are shaking things up with technology that uses artificial intelligence to determine when a person is most likely to use their phone and open an ad. This industry is projected to grow over the next several years, and has already seen a 24 percent boost in investments alone. This kind of success is what I foresee for Croosing, if they can convince users of the inherent value of the technology.


Although small, they’re doing something mighty, having recently breathed new life into the traditional hyperlink with the launch of its new ‘Superlink’ technology. Croosing is actually doing something no company has never been done before — taking the 25-year-old web feature and improving upon it technology by allowing publishers, content creators and even marketers to lead their audience on a web journey across limitless web pages.


So, what does this thing look like?


You’re already on, so I will use this as an example. Imagine reading a great story about tourism in Israel and you click a hyperlink within the article. The link then takes you to another website about tourism in Israel to provide more detailed information about a specific city, let’s say Herzliya. Next, you’re guided to a YouTube video that really sells the trip to you, much like this one. The entire experience doesn’t quite end there — during your next leg of the trek, you’re led to real-life customer reviews of Israeli airline EL AL, and all of a sudden, music begins to play and your page begins to automatically navigate.



This is a Superlink, and creating a Superlink is simple and free, but there is a small fee for marketers wanting to increase their sales/conversion rates. To create a Superlink, users can visit and enter Croosing’s “record mode.” The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a Superlink is to navigate the page naturally, just as they want others to experience it.



“The superlink is a great tool for those looking for a new way to tell stories, convey important information, personalize it and lead the traffic their way using technology that’s designed to push internet browsing forward,” said Uri Ravin, Co-Founder & CEO of Croosing. “We’re exploring collaboration options with browsing platform owners and plan to keep innovating the way internet users experience the web – believing the superlink will become the new standard link.”
You can download Superlink’s extension for any PC/Mac, Windows, OSX, Chrome, Safari and most of the Chrome-based browsers, and mobile support will soon follow. Later this year, the developer is launching its Premium Tools Package to users for a small fee, which will allow them to lead traffic to multiple websites at the same price of one click.


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