Exclusive: Ein Hod – Israel’s only Artist Village

Exclusive: Ein Hod – Israel’s only Artist Village


Ein Hod –  In the 1950s, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco conceived the idea of turning the village of Ein Hod into a place where artists could work,  Build studios and workshops, and form a creative environment for art, art education and to enrich the new and developing nation.


The art exhibited in the village is contemporary – painting and sculpture, prints, ceramics, jewelry, textile, craft, glass work and Judaic.

Ein Hod is characterized by the unique design of the village that blends in with nature and its surrounding landscape that has preserved its original Crusader architecture character.


Ein Hod remains a natural reserve of traditional Israeli environment that greatly contributes to creative and fruitful artistic work.

The village offers restaurants, cafés as well as unique B&Bs in the spirit of the village.



Ein Hod the only artists’ village in Israel since 1953.

Ein Hod lies on the slopes of Mount Carmel, overlooking the sea and Atlit fortress, nestled among olive groves.



Dan & Lea Ben Arye artists living and creating for more than 3 decades in Ein Hod ,

Invites you experience the world of creative artists.

Get the authentic guided tour With Dan Ben Arye, meet artists at their studios,

Experience art workshops on varies fields of art. Meet musicians and listen to music.


The experience we offer suitable to individuals, families and groups.

For few hours or few days.


Plan your visit in advance to get the most Ein Hod has to offer.

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Dan & Lea Gallery- Art & Wear at the village center.

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