Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Missing Question

Lee Diamond – The Missing Question

It’s been so long

Since you asked!

You seem not to care!



Do you take us for granted ?

Or are we off your agenda?


After the hugs and “catching up”

As family and friends

There’s a deep silence

Never mentioned

Yet an urgent question  awaiting to be shared

By us!


We’re both Jews

We’re both brothers and sisters

We’re family and friends

But you are so insular as a Jew

That you don’t even think

Of Israel! Of our lives here!


“Are you blocks

Or stones or worse

Than senseless things?”


Israel is burning brightly

Israel is charmed

Israel is the light in the


Of a dormant Jewish world !


Israel is pregnant

With ideas and Jewish revolution

The Israeli Jew is “on Broadway”

And your ‘Off Broadway”


Israel is Avant-garde

Progressive and growing

The Jew is the  Star of this show and billboards draw massive audiences


Our internal and external struggles

Are in our hearts, on our lips

In our conversations and debates

In our daily dialogue

We even worry about your future

As Jews.

And we “have your backs” always.


Yet you never ask anymore

We’re off your agenda!

The Jewish diaspora has chosen

To avoid our mention



‘Turning backs” rather than “having our backs”


Do you know how painful this is?


Distancing from us?


Are you aware how lonely this is?


Everyone of us experience your

Silent treatment when we meet.


Have you forgotten us?


We are the forerunners

Of the Jewish people

Of today and tomorrow



If you forget us

It is all of us who

Will lose our cunning

And our strength

Our ability to speak

Our tongues unengaged !


Tell us that you care!

Love needs expression !


“And you shall speak of

Your love ….”







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