Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – O Lord. Open My Lips

Sculpture by International Artist Phillip Ratner

Lee Diamond – O Lord. Open My Lips

King David was desperate

He was caught !

He “was THE man.”

Caught (as it were with his royal pants down)

Natan his prophet  revealed

His sin with Bat Sheva

And his murder of Uriah


But Kings are the law itself

Even Above the law!

So Why the desperation

On King David!s part?


For The King of Israel, David

Was subject to a higher authority

To the King of Kings

Not above His  law


David was desperate

And now removed from

The King of Kings


Unable to stand before


unable to beseech HIM

And thus powerless, impotent

Before the people of Israel

Alone and without words

Without the ability to seek



Unable to pray



Before the King of Kings

His lips were sealed

His mouth empty of words


He plead to pray

Plead to admit

Plead to beg forgiveness


“Allow my mouth

To feed my lips

With a prayer of return

Of Restoration


Maybe we’re chosen

Maybe we chose

But we’re Israel


We are subject to a higher


We are subject to His Law

Never above it!


A leader of Israel

Loses his position

All power


“He Is The Man”


The nation of Israel

Demands Justice

Of its Leader

Even a higher justice

For he leads under

This higher authority

Secular or Religious

He must Pursue the Justice

Of Israel


There’s no hiding

From this

There’s no remaining

Distant from justice

“Justice Justice You Shall Seek”


King David was speechless

For he allowed himself

To steal and kill


His soul

His mouth

His lips were sealed

He begged for forgiveness

From the “All Seeing”


And from his nation


And just as a king of Israel

So too a Prime Minister of Israel

Must be trustworthy

Or he has lost

His mandate to rule.


Don’t blame the messenger,

The Prophet

Or the Media

Mr. Prime Minister

“You Are The Man”


So Pray Sir!

For There is no hiding place


‘O Lord

Open My Lips So My Mouth

Can Declare Your Glory”


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