Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – The Crusaders of God

Lee Diamond – The Crusaders of God

In heavy armor they marched

To the Holy Land they came

Like  the Romans

Veni,Vidi Vici

They came they saw they conquered


All in the name of God

The infidels to be destroyed

To be replaced by the soldiers of The “true God”

Their swords formed crosses


Along their route

They destroyed Jewish community

One after the other.

Desecration, rape and plunder

Good practice for the task at hand:

The Moslem infidel in the Holy Land

All in the name of God



They built their fortresses

Strategically placed to control

the land and defeat the unholy infidels


All in the name of God


Battle after battle

Victory after victory

And defeat after defeat


The infidel fought valiantly

They too In the name of the God

They too were victorious and

Learned defeat


The Jews in the in Jerusalem

Were burnt alive in their synagogue

To prove the strength of the “savior”

Who died for their sins


The battle of the Gods

The battle for sovereignty

Of the “true God”

The true revelation


They chanted

“Allahu Akbar” (Allah is The Greatest)

“Onward Christian soldiers”

Shemah Yisrael

They chanted as they killed

And we’re martyred

In the name of the “real God”


God and the land were possessions

To hold; to control and to dominate

For “My God is greater then yours”

“Stronger than yours”

“My Testament precedes yours”

“My Koran is final”

Moses, Jesus and Mohammad


And the war continues

Allah and Jesus and the Holy One

As it were

Struggle still for hegemony

Ancient hatreds lead to

Modern wars

Until this very day


And The Creator turns his back


On them, on us

On the competitors

For his ownership


For we create Him in our  image

And can’t understand

That the Eternal One

That the Master of the Universe

Can’t be owned or possessed


Why don’t we all perceive

That Holiness is beyond

Religion and war

For He is ONE

And His Name One


War in His Name

Causes  Him

To hide His Face

And his countenance

From His very creation


For Creator is ONE

Though the name may vary


His Only

True Name is



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