Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – “You Shall Dwell Alone” & Digitally Impaired?

By International Artist Phillip Ratner/ratnermuseum.org

Lee Diamond – “You Shall Dwell Alone” & Digitally Impaired?

“You Shall Dwell Alone”


These are the words of Balaam!

To the Jewish people.



Are these words a

blessing or a curse to  Israel?



Why not just dwell apart?

Why not live a national life

Of  splendid isolation?


Why must we be integrated

Into the nations ?


So what if the U.N isolates us?

“Um Shmoom”


So what if America disavows us?

We can make it on  our own?

God will protect us as before

Tzahal (IDF) will guard our going out

And our coming in.

The world hates us !

Anti Semitism reigns supreme today


Accept the lot of our lonely

Existence —-Israel.


But suddenly

one Morning we rise

From this status as described by Balaam

And feel that we’re a nation

And we start to walk

With pride

And demand equal recognition

As  we sing our own praises


We are alive

The nation of Israel lives

Not your scapegoat anymore

We demand to be heard!


You founded us!

By 14 mandates

You founded us

You can not delegitimize Us at your will.


Israel is a state as much as any of yours.

Yet, No state has been demonized

By you–like Ours.


Yes, We must play by the rules

Rules of your making

And just rules ..

But we won’t be demonized

Any longer

For we’re at least as just

As any of you

Who condemn us.


We are not alone

And we won’t accept your

“Condemn”  “nation “

Or your “damn” “nation” of us!


We must and will act with justice

For we are the nation

Who declaim

Justice Justice

You  shall Seek





Balance of the scales of  Justice



Digitally Impaired?


Once we referred to people

Who spoke to themselves

As the rich counting their money


Once we thought people with earphones

Were hearing impaired


Once we talked to one another and not to ourselves


Once we played games with balls

Or with jacks

Or with cards

Or with marbles

Or even tinker toys


Once when people walked down

The streets, they saw each other

And sometimes smiled or nodded

To others


But no longer!

Is this the intention of

The verses from psalms

“Eyes have they but they see not”

“Ears have they but they hear not”


The internet has taken control our lives

Our communication

Our relationships

Our independent thinking

We are the pawns of the Internet



We’re living in a new age

An age of AWE

It’s breathtaking

Worth a “bracha” of appreciation



But there’s a loss l

A loss of humanity

Communication has improved


But humanity has “lost big”


Have you ever been smashed into

By someone “owned” by his/ her smartphone?

Have you been with a close relative

Or friend who is physically with you

Yet far away


Have you ever spoken to your children

To discover that they haven’t heard a word?

Or seen your smile or your tears


Is it us who are out of date?


Perhaps the  digital  generation



I am committed to progress

When it Improves

The human condition


When will we collect  our marbles again?

Or play jacks again?

Marbles  were beautiful, simple and  fun

Jacks were real cool and interactive.


And we played them with friends






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