Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Jewish Skin & Hopeless Detractors of Israel

Lee Diamond – Jewish Skin & Hopeless Detractors of Israel


Jewish Skin

I passed him on the street

I recognized a familiar face

But I wasn’t sure

I nodded my head

And said shalom

He stared at me unknowingly

I asked his name:


A.B. Yehoshua


I knew I knew his face


A.B. Yehoshua




Poet laureate of Israel


The Faulkner of Israel


The Ultimate “secular” Israeli Jew


The fulfillment of the dream

of the Zionist founders.


When  he speaks  to diaspora Jews

He unsettles them


He angers  them!


“I’m a complete Jew!

My entire life is Jewish

Evening , morning and day!!

All my decisions are Jewish

Jewish is all around me

The very air  that I breath

My daily life is Jewish



“My skin is Jewish

I live in Jewish skin

My name is Jewish

I can’t hide my Jewishness

Nor do I need to

Or want to.

I can’t remove my Jewish skin

Nor my Jewish innards”

–My kishkes —


It’s not my weekend activity

It’s not a prayer

A song

Or a sermon

Or a kiddush

It’s my essence


You can change your skin

According to  the day,

The situation

The company

I can’t remove this skin

I’m completely a Jew

And I’m completed

As a Jew


How can I be called  secular?

I’m Jewish through and through!


You’re part-time Jews

Put in on; take it off!


Nothing wrong with being

‘Some time Jews” or part-time

As long as you understand

That I’m a full timer and that

There’s a better way

To be Jewish.


You may pray and eat and

And fast and celebrate days

As a Jew


But I breathe

And know that

my heart beats

As a Jew always

And I speak as a Jew


No release

From my essence


You’re  welcome to come for

A fitting

So that your skin

Fits properly

And so that you too

Can be complete


I know a good


His name is Schneider

And he lives on Rash’I St.


The Hopeless Detractors Of Israel

They came, they saw, they took

They contributed little

They lived on  the outskirts

Of our society

They viewed themselves as better

Than the natives

They criticized the עמך

The commoners /Primitives—– the not worthy

“No counts”

But they forgot that the “have nots”

built this society

Of Israel


The high-minded became critics

Of a society that they could

Not understand or would not.

They never learned Hebrew

And. Considered it beneath

Their dignity and high self-regard.


They are the “lofty”   Jews

Who live in Israel despite its

Culture and values

Rather than because of it


And take its benefits

To themselves

Without contributing at all

To the society

Not to the army and not

To our developing culture


They critique us

They denigrate us

They use us

And they detract from us

They attempt to lead others in their slander

Of Us.


These are the מלשינים

Who stand apart

Slander and do nothing to

Change or improve us

Absolutely Nothing


They say that we were better once

But now we’re a failure

They drop out

And encourage others to do the same

They glory in our losses and /or failures

To gratify their self disdain of

This miraculous dream State


They are the real enemies of Israel

They’re  the Hellenists of old

In new garb

Who gave up or refused to speak


Who reversed circumcision

And sacrificed on the alters

Of Greek and Roman gods

And those alters of today.

They authenticate secular foreign

Holidays and denigrate our own.


They demean the wondrous

Miracles of their people

And announce  this from the

Highest hills of idolatry for

As they missionize for

Their separation from



They are in our midst today

They continue to see us as “tribal”

And call upon others to drop out

To join them in their apostasy


Not a  drop of passion

For a people who have self-respect

Who feel the pride of a Jewish soul

The Longing to return and rebuild their home

A Jewish heart with hope

To be free again

After 2,000 years of Hope!


May the prayer for  the “slanderers”  fail

and cause them to lose all hope”

May it apply to our current “Jewish detractors!”

Here in Israel and abroad.


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