Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Tribalism

Lee Diamond – Tribalism

There’s a new religion out there.

Like so many other religions

It “must” be right

And all others therefore wrong!


This religion:



It has its institutions

It’s loyal followers

It’s documents

It’s language


It’s priesthood

It’s rituals

It’s own enemies!


Those who dare to choose

Another path

Are ‘intolerables”






But worst of all

They are called TRIBAL


To be unique is to be Tribal

To think differently is Tribal

To speak a different language

Or live a different world view

Is Tribal

To try to preserve a weltenschaung

Of ones special culture

Is blasphemy !


To be a liberal is to be

Of this world

–In tune ; In Step–




“Our way or no way!”


These Liberal ‘Fanatics”

Are closed

To hearing

And listening and learning

More than those they accuse!


Like the crusaders of old

They condemn the infidels

The other

And destroy in the name of their

World view,


I am a boor

An abhorrent


I’m tribal


I am of the past

The past speaks through me

I speak from this past

I live in the past, present and

Into a future

I love my humor

My foods

My music

My literature

My fellow tribesmen

My History


Even my prayers

Which are unique and

Sometimes particularistic

Because I’m a MOT

A proud Member of a Tribe


Called the Jews


We overcame the Greek Hellenized Jews

Because we listened and learned

Yet remained TRIBAL


Happy Chanukah


חג חנוכה שמח

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