Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Zionism and Messianism

Lee Diamond – Zionism and Messianism


“אני מאמין באמונה שלמה בביאת המשיח ‏ואף על פי שיתמהמה, ‏עם כל זה אחכה לו.”  )רמב״ם(


“I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah and even though he may tarry I will wait for him.”



This is one of the principles of faith

Listed by Maimonides

In his 13 principles of faith


Listen  to the wording:

“In the coming”

It is in the “coming” of a better Day

That we believe.


Maimonides got it right;

We believe with perfect faith

That there is a better day


This has been and is a primary, elementary

Value concept of Judaism

Of all ages!



Some simply believe and wait!

And some toil for this better day!


The “wait ors” are frightened by the “toilers!”

They object and reject

And even In some cases

Join the ranks of those

Who would deny us a future

Those who  would say:

“It’s as good as it’s going to get.”


The “toil ors” believe in a better day


Yes !!

Zionism is “Toil” ism”

It’s the belief in bringing that better day

For the Jewish People

By  perfect faith in  total action


It’s a case of “God helps those who help themselves”


The Ari HaKadosh,

Once asked his students

To gather on a hilltop

In Safed

Minutes before Shabbat

To join him on  a trip to


Almost all threw in their lots


One student was caught up

With the reality of the moment

And failed that call to action…

…And the moment was lost….

The ARI understood

That toil, that total faith

That believing and acting

For the better day

Could change our future

For he was a Zionist

Long before Herzl


“Nothing stands in the way of will”


Zionism is not a  political movement !!!

Zionism is part and parcel

Of Judaism

It is commitment to ACT and not


Zionism is the building of the

State of Jews

And the building of the

Jewish State


The “wait’ ors” have been left behind

Those Of Little Faith

Wither in the past

Those who fail to join

And dismiss Zionism

Miss the joy of Living the

New and better

Jewish Day

in our day!


“If you will it

It’s not a dream


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