Lee Diamond

Lee Diamond – Cry Wolf


Lee Diamond – Cry Wolf

A dear friend

Recently accused me

Of overreacting!

“There are more important

Matters than searching

With a feather and candle

For anti semitism today in

Trumps selection of his right wing

Potentially Fascist government.”


Overreaction it would seem is the “sin

And it has the opposite reaction!”


It’s simply “much ado about nothing”

Says my friend,


Sorry my friend! We don’t  have that liberty.

–Jews of the 20th and  21st  century, —

must be on our guard daily

“We” means all Jews everywhere!

“We”  means Israelis under threat

And “we” means Jews world over


We learned the lesson of silence

In the face of Jew hatred

We failed to call it as it was:

-a deep seated passionate-hatred  of us!


It’s repeated itself throughout our history

And we hid from it

We didn’t catch it in time

We assumed it would pass

After all we were civilized

Living amongst the civilized.

‘Never here!”


“Those days are gone!

The world is healed of this

Disease of Jew hating

Called politely-anti semitism.”


A match dropped in a dry forest

Can destroy an entire country

A moment of avoidance, of silence

In the face of real potential danger

Can lead to a new Auschwitz


Jew hatred survives

I’m afraid

And we are burdened by its weight

For we are  the guardians

The protectors

The power- laden

Army of the Jewish future.


Israel and the IDF are the front line in this defense force

As in Entebbe and in Argentina

Russia and Ethiopia

Israel will lead the battle of the Jewish People

No doubt about it!

Jews everywhere have power now


The ADL and like minded organizations

Are the intelligence corps

The “wolf criers” —if you will—

For an international people —

Who sometimes prefer  to believe that

The deep seated disease is of the past!


We carry the burden to be on guard

And never surrender to the temptation

Of believing that we’re accepted

And that “Jew hatred is  a  20th century



A speech or an utterance made years ago

By an Ellison

A subtle advertisement with dollar signs

For a campaign

A KKK public declaration of joy on  the election

Of a Trump

A David Duke support for a president Elect

White  supremacists cheering for a “pure”

Ethnic cleansing of America


All  wear ‘ white pointed hoods”

That hide JEW HATRED in their dunce caps


Reveal them now!

All Jews!

Don’t fear standing out

Don’t fear crying wolf”

Don’t hide and hope for a better day

Look in all directions

Sweep up the crumbs with your

Candle and feather


For you

Your family

For you

And for humanity


As Hillel said

‘If I am not for myself

Who will be for me?

And if I’m only for myself

What am I.

And if not now


Then “When?”


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