Paula R. Stern

Paula R. Stern – Let me tell you about my country

Paula R. Stern –  Let me tell you about my country

About a month ago, a young driver was killed in a horrific accident in the south of the country. In the midst of all that was happening, police, ambulances, etc. someone picked up a phone and walked off. The driver died. It seems he was driving too fast, as young people sometimes do, and entered an intersection, crashing into another car with such force, the young man was killed in the accident.

The mother of the young man turned to police to ask them about her son’s phone, on which she expected to find messages, pictures, all that was left. It seemed, upon investigation, that the phone had been stolen.

This isn’t even the first time. It’s a simple thing. You pass a scene, you look down and see a phone and think someone is going to step on it. I don’t know. Maybe they gave it to the police right away, I don’t know. What I do know is that now, as in the past, the police cared enough to do whatever they could to offer the mother some small amount of comfort and so today, they handed the phone to her.

Look at the picture. Look at the mother…and look at the police officer. This isn’t that posed picture of people smiling into a camera. This is a mother’s endless pain, and a man who sees it.

This is my country – right here. You’ve got terrorists, arsonists, murderers, traffic accidents, so many things and it all comes down to getting this phone to this mother because…because it will help her hold on, get through the day. See those last pictures of her son.

My country, my Israel.


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