Michael Shine

Michael Shine – Terrorism Against Israel


Michael Shine – Terrorism Against Israel

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” Mark Twain



Please note:  this is not an anti-Islam diatribe.

Palestine does not exist


The sorrows that I currently feel about the recent terrorist attack at the Sarona complex in Tel Aviv are aggravated when I think about what led to and encouraged it.


It has long been clear to many that the inaccurate term, Palestinian, used to describe Arab Muslims living in areas controlled by Israel, and those areas adjacent to it (i.e. Gaza) has a lot to be blamed for.


The youth of those areas has been so hypnotized and indoctrinated by the lies that they have constantly been fed and taught  by their Arab brethren that they no longer have any true knowledge of their own history. They have been force fed lies, inaccuracies and falsehoods for so long that they believe them with the depth of their souls and are totally unprepared to accept or even to listen to accurate, truthful representation of what has occurred over the last 100 years in this part of the middle east.


These people have no knowledge of the fact (or choose to ignore it) that the whole of the region, up until the end of WW1, was controlled by the (Turkish) Ottoman empire.


“Most of the 320,000 1948 Arab refugees from (British) Mandate Palestine were migrant workers and descendants of the 1831-1947 Muslim immigrants from Egypt, the Sudan, Libya, North Africa, Bosnia, India, Afghanistan,etc.. Britain enticed Arab immigration and billed Jewish immigration..
By 1917, the Ottoman Empire was dissolved as a result of WWI. Great Britain issued  the Balfour Declaration the “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish People”(British Mandate). In 1922, 80% of the Mandate was issued to Transjordan. http://www.science.co.il/History-Palestine.php
They are unaware (or choose to ignore) that after WW1 the British and the French then took control of the region.


They will not acknowledge, because they have never been taught the facts, that the vast majority of those that became refugees in 1948 were actually financial migrants to the land brought in by the British and latterly by Jews.

Legal and illegal Arab migrants were, also, attracted by economic growth, which was generated by the Jewish community beginning in 1882”.




 “The 1931 census (documented) at least 23 different languages in use by Muslims plus and additional 28 in use by Christian Arabs-a total of 51 languages. The non-Jews in Palestine listed as their birthplaces at least 24 different countries.”
(“From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters-Harper&Row 1984)



They refuse to believe that Israel was formed in the area, not as a result of European immigration but as a direct result of the United Nations voting to divide the region (which had not been an independent state or country since the time that the Jewish country that was in the area was defeated by the Romans 2000 plus years ago) into two separate countries (1948), one for Jews and one for Arabs, which their predecessors then went to war to oppose –  and were defeated in their attempt to deny the Jews a homeland.


They do not realise that the area they consider to be the West Bank (Judeah & Samaria, (a historical homeland area of the Jews) was occupied and annexed by the newly formed Hashemite kingdon of Jordan (much to the annoyance of other Arab states) up until they decided to try and get rid of the Jews and joined other Arab armies to attack the newly formed Israel (1967), which they then lost, therefore ceding back to Israel an area, including BTW Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, (mentioned many times in bible but not once in the Koran)  that was originally meant to be part of Israel in the original partition plan.


They refuse to accept that Gaza was under Egyptian control until they joined forces with Jordan (see above) and lost it to Israel. They comfortably forget (or perhaps they never knew because their indoctrination never covered it) that when Egypt and Jordan controlled where they lived (quite brutally one might add) there was never any talk of setting up any type of independent Arab state called Palestine by either of those controllers. There were no Arab Palestinians (a term invented by that demon terrorist, the Doctor from Egypt who amassed billions of dollars given in aid, in his private bank accounts, Yasser Arafat!) In fact when the terms Palestine and Palestinian were reintroduced by the British to describe a geographical area of the middle east and it’s occupants – they were generally referring to Jews!


And today what do they have. They have their leaders encouraging them to terrorize and murder thinking that this will get rid of the pesky Jews that they have been taught is the reason for their sorrow.


And what is worse is that the western world feeds into this ignorance. The western world sends billions of dollars for the Arab leaders to steal. The western world,(or at least the Liberal progressives of the western world and it’s ignorant uneducated media in it’s myopic view of the middle east, sees only good Arabs and bad Jews.


Is it any wonder that the two state solution originally stated in the UN partition plan of 1947 is dead in the water. Surely it is clear to any unbiased thinking person that what the Arabs have always claimed and taught their children is that there will never be peace, there will never be a solution until the Middle East is rid of Jews. The Arabs expelled Jews from every Arab country and Israel took them all in.



Is their an Arab leader amongst those in Gaza and Judea & Samaria who even considers a negotiated peace? Is there truly a  leader amongst them that wants peace? All they talk about is the destruction of Israel – and their children know no better because that is all that they have been taught since 1948.


The Arabs told their people to get out of the way in 1948 so that they could kill all the Jews and throw them into the sea – so they left – their leaders were defeated by Israel and what happened? The people who followed their leaders instructions  became refugees – but did the Arab nations then take them in? Did the Arab nations help these refugees? No they didn’t! They kept them in refugee camps and used them as a political weapon against Israel.


So the main problem is, is that they believe the lies and indoctrination that they have been taught and can’t see the truth of the following two main statements:


1) that there was never an Arab independent country in the area that the British called Palestine and which is now recognized as Israel.


2) That the Jews are occupying an area to which they are entitled and which was never an Arab country.or state.


Is there a solution?  Yes – but not a quick fired or immediate one.
A) Education has to be about the truth, not what the Islamist warmongers (and perhaps the anti-Jewish liberals) want it to be. The children of today’s generation must not continue to be fed on lies –  and taught to become terrorists (as they are in today’s Gaza UNWRA schools).
B) It is time for the west to realize that Israel has a right to exist in peace and a right to defend itself against terrorist actions in whatever way it seems fit.
C) It is time for the west to recognize that settlements and villages have nothing to do with the lack of peace, but that it is all to do with the Arab desire to rid the area of Jews.
D) It is time for the west to realize that the billions of dollars donated to the Gazans and Arabs in Judea and Samaria goes in the main to the private bank accounts of the corrupt Arab leaders,  to buying weapons with which to attack Israel and to building terrorist attack tunnels with which to attack Israel.


For all those progressive Liberals, for all those BDS ignoramuses, for all those who repeatedly talk about Israel having stolen land from the Arabs, it is surely about time that they educated themselves about the true facts and history of the region instead of letting their blind antisemitism lead them to reiterating the lies that the Arabs tell themselves and have convinced others of. But then again, there are none so blind as those that refuse to see, and refuse to hear the truth.


THE MAIN TRUTH : Most Israelis would love to live in Peace with their neighbours – unfortunately the neighbours don’t want Peace with Israel.




Since 1948 all, not just a part, but all, of the animosity emanating from the Arabs was because they could note bear the thought of Jews having an independent state in the Middle East!


For as long as the leaders of the Arabs continue to lie, deceive and tell their children that they are entitled to the land of Israel which was ‘stolen’ from them by the Jews, there will not be peace, and who can honestly blame Israel from wishing to defend itself (unless of course they also hate Jews).

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