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David Lawrence-Young   We welcome David Lawrence-Young to IsraelSeen as our new Blogger.  18/3/15 seems to be a good date on which to start my blog. And so here goes:



 David Lawrence-Young

To those of you who are into reading history novels and the writing of them, here are a few basic facts about me. My name is David Lawrence-Young and I was born in England and suffered the world’s most boring history teacher – ever. Despite this, I learned to love the subject and today I really enjoy writing and researching historical novels based on English and/or military history as well as writing about my friend, Mr. Shakespeare.

So far I have written 17 historical novels or chapters in novels which have ranged from Anglo-Saxon times to the capture of the top Nazi, Adolf Eichmann in the sixties. I have also contributed a chapter to an academic history, The Jewish Emigrant from Britain 1700-2000 and I’ve also rewritten and edited a best-selling English Language textbook, Communicating in English. In addition, I have also written nearly twenty articles for Forum, an English teachers’ magazine and Skirmish, a military history journal. (If you want to know any more details about my literary career, have a look at my website: www.dly-books.weebly.com )

Today, after I had given a talk about one of my latest novels, Six Million Accusers – Catching Adolf Eichmann, someone in the audience asked me if I liked history so much, why I wrote it in the form of historical novels. I answered by quoting a story once told by The Preacher from Dubno some two hundred years ago.


Once upon a time, Truth, who was walking around the town completely naked and feeling just as miserable, met his friend Parable.

            “Why is everyone running away from me?” he asked his friend. “Why don’t they stop and listen to what I have to say?”

            Parable, who was dressed up as always in his brightly coloured fashionable clothes, looked him up and down, scratched his head for a moment and then replied,     “Look at you, you’re all naked and not at all attractive. Do what I do. Instead of telling your stories as you do, simple and bare, dress them up a little like me and everyone will come and listen to you.”

            Truth followed his friend’s advice, dressed himself up in an attractive way, and soon everyone was running after him to listen to his stories.


This is why I write my stories as historical novels.

            To be continued.     

You can purchase his latest book at http://www.amazon.com/Six-Million-Accusers-Catching-Eichmann/dp/0692205896



David Lawrence-Young

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