David Lawrence Young – Zippori and Utopia Park in Israel

David Lawrence Young

David Young is not only a prolific author but is also a talented amateur photographer. He has been kind enough to allow israelseen exclusive access to his photos from Zippori and Utopia Park.





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Zippori National Park, encompassing the ruins of a talmudic city, is located west of Nazareth. Described by Josephus Flavius as “the ornament of all Galilee,” it was the seat of the Sanhedrin and the home of Rabbi Judah Hanasi, third-century redactor of the Mishnah. The partially restored 4,500-seat Roman theater affords a beautiful view, and Zippori’s famed mosaics include the haunting “Mona Lisa of the Galilee”, the evocative fifth-century synagogue floor and Nile Mosaic. The cavernous first-century CE water system is an adventure, and the visitors center hosts activities, tours and ‘ancient-style’ events.





Utopia Orchid Park is a biological garden in Kibbutz Bahan, which displays over 17,000 orchids in an indoor garden. The Park also has a butterfly house, mazes, animals, a musical fountain, and lovely shady lawns for relaxing.

About the Park

Utopia Orchid Park has an indoor botanical garden which includes many varieties of orchids, carnivorous plants, water plants and other tropical plants, along with fowl and tropical birds. The outdoor park has two mazes, a musical fountain, a variety of animals, and a butterfly house.






  D.Lawrence-Young (aka David L. Young) is an English, Drama and History teacher and lecturer who has specialized in English and military history and Shakespeare studies for many years. To date he has had published Communicating in English, an English Language textbook, as well as eleven historical novels:  “Gunpowder, Treason & Plot”, “Of Plots & Passions”, “Tolpuddle” and “Of Guns & Mules,” “Sail Away from Botany Bay,” “Arrows Over Agincourt,”  “Of Guns, Revenge & Hope,” “Marlowe: Soul’d to the Devil,” “Will Shakespeare: Where Was He?” “The Man Who Would be Shakespeare –  The Enigmatic Life of William Henry-Ireland,” and “Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Step Forward?”

Born in Trowbridge, UK, David Lawrence-Young made aliyah to Israel in 1968. After serving in the IDF (armored infantry), he earned his BA in English literature from Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba. He also holds an MA in English literature from Tel Aviv University; his thesis was on WWI poetry. Lawrence-Young has lectured and taught English and history in high schools and universities. He is a regular contributor to Forum, the Israeli English teachers magazine, and also to Skirmish, a UK military history journal. His previous books include a textbook Communicating in English and three historical novels: Tolpuddle; Gunpowder, Treason and Plot; and Of Plots and Passions.

He is also a published (USA) and exhibited (UK & Jerusalem) photographer. He plays the clarinet (badly) and is a committee member of the local History Society. He is also the Chairman of the local Shakespeare Society and a regular contributor to “Forum,” a magazine for English teachers, and “Skirmish,” a military history journal. He has now finished writing Anne of Cleves: Henry’s Luckiest Wife – a novel about King Henry VIII’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, the wife who outlived all of Henry VIII’s five other wives as well as the king himself. This is to be published soon by GMTA of North Carolina, USA in a few months.

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David’s Email

David Lawrence-Young is married and has three children, a fourteen year old SUV and an electric bicycle.

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