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Let me get one thing straight – right from the beginning – I am fully in favour of whoever is bombing the hell out of ISIS or ISIL or whatever they are being called this week. These barbaric Islamic Jihadists deserve everything that can be thrown at them, but I am just a teenie weenie bit, more than a little bit confused.



Michael Shine

When Israel retaliated against the thousands of rockets being fired at it by similar barbaric Islamic Jihadists called Hamas, just two months ago, the world turned against Israel because there was a likelihood (and a reality) that in firing at where the terrorists were, innocent civilians would be hurt and killed. Every newspaper and media outlet decried Israel for defending itself and using air attacks to hunt down the terrorists.

Now America and some of its allies are using exactly the same tactics, against exactly the same type of terrorists and the whole world says – that’s right. Absolutely nothing!


The strikes were concentrated around the city of Raqqa, the militants’ main stronghold close to the border with Iraq.

Am I being deceived or are there absolutely no fatalities except terrorists? In a city of over 220,000 with bombs raining down from multiple air attacks – there are no civilian casualties?

(Ar-Raqqah (Arabic: الرقة‎ / ALA-LC: ar-Raqqah), also called Rakka and Raqqa, is a city in north central Syria located on the north bank of the Euphrates River, about 160 kilometres (99 miles) east of Aleppo. It is located 40 kilometres (25 miles) east of the Tabqa Dam, Syria’s largest dam, and is the capital of the Ar-Raqqah Governorate.

According to the 2004 official census, the population of the city is 220,488 people. The city contained the Uwais al-Qarni Mosque. The city was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate from 796 to 809 during the reign of Caliph Harun al-Rashid.

It is currently controlled by a militant group calling itself the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, and is used as the headquarters of the group. (Wikipedia)

I have previously commented about the anti-Israel bias of the Western media in supporting the Islamic Jihadist movement, Hamas, in their complicity with them by only reporting what they were being told by Hamas (and by UNWRA the United Nations agency that is over 70% staffed by Hamas sympathisers), to the detriment of honest and truthful reporting. Now it would appear that the same media sources have turned full circle, by not reporting at all!

Please don’t misunderstand me. I do not wish for or look for civilian casualties, each and every one is a tragedy, but as journalists and writers far more erudite than I have noted many times in the past, in war people get hurt. All I want is to be able to read accurate reporting without bias. It is inconceivable to me that in multiple bombing of a built up city such as Raqqa nobody other than actual combatants was hurt. As Raqqa is currently the headquarters city of the Islamic terrorist movement, it seems safe to assume that there are there many non-combatants – if only those taken into captivity and slavery by IS. Hopefully none of them was hurt. Or were they? The only conclusion that I have been able to come up with is that it was not Israel carrying out the bombing and it was not the Jews (everybody’s object of hate at the moment) but was the world’s defender, America, and its allies (and good for them for doing it!).

As I said at the beginning, I am fully in favour of sending all Islamic terrorist Jihadists to their chosen 70 virgins in whichever way that the coalition can find to do it, but I would also like to hear some accurate truth about the results of the exactly the same as Israel’s retaliation against Hamas bombardments!


Michael Shine

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