Land of Israel Museum Presents- Illustrating Israeli Culture

Land of Israel Museum                    A view of  Tel Aviv from the Eretz Israel museum.



Land of Israel Museum From the catalog: Creators from all fields of culture cope with this challenge of creating an intriguing, attractive, original and unusual image each time anew. One way of solving the problem is to turn to the illustrators since illustration frequently sheds light on another work of art, another text, and tells a story that cannot always be told in words. Thus, by creating strong, impressive, precise and powerful images, designed to capture the attention of the viewer, illustrators play an important role in the representation of culture, while taking advantage of the endless freedom embodied in illustration. This exhibit shows illustrations that were created over the past five years (2009-2014), in a wide spectrum of techniques by the best Israeli illustrators.




For those fortunate enough to be in Israel at this time the exhibit can be seen at the Land of Israel Museum in the Migdal Gallery in Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv. Here are some photos of the illustrations in the exhibit. Next to the museum is a fine  continental Italian restaurant.



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