A Conversation During our BBQ on Israel Independence Day

 Israel Independence Day  Yesterday we had a celebration of both Israel Independence day and a couple of family birthdays.


Israel Independence Day

In the backyard, between the BBQ and drink a conversation took place about what kind of personal legacy each of us would like to leave. One of the topics that was suggested was the gathering of one million Palestinians and one million Israelis to meet at the border and demand peace.

What an interesting possibility. I remember during my youth in America organizing demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. After a few such demonstrations I had the opportunity to meet with some of the national leadership of the peace movement. The meeting was less than inspiring. In fact, the hatred and lack of interest in actually ending the war was a shock to my naive sense of justice. What was expressed was the desire for anarchy and chaos. This seemed to be the underlying goal of many present.


It was at this point that I realized that our anti-war leadership was just as appalling as the current leadership in U.S. Government. It was then I decided to hang out with those in search of some kind of spiritual awareness.


As the conversation in our backyard picked up about the need to transcend the current leadership of both parties here in Israel I couldn’t help notice the unwillingness to come to terms with the fact that many Palestinians and certainly Hamas want us dead. No matter how much desire we have for peace, a solution to the present political situation is near impossible when the present Palestinian leadership in both Ramallah and Gaza want us destroyed.

Our tendency to deny this reality in favor of some illusion or excuse as to why we are the problem has more to say about us as individuals rather than facing up to the challenge of living in a very bad neighborhood.

While we need to keep ourselves open to any willingness on the part of the Palestinians to recognize the Jewish State it is clear that we are not going anywhere. In spite of that, Israel will continue to share its technology, knowhow and culture with the world and will do so because that is how we are wired.

Israel Independence Day 

Here are some of the latest comments from the Palestinian leadership:

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon for the compilation.

Hamas releases anti-Hatikva video showing Arabs expelling Jews to Germany

Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigades has released a video for Israel’s Independence Day, called “The End of the Hope” – a pun on the name of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikva.

Set to the tune of the anthem, and filled with Hebrew spelling errors,  the video shows a single young rock thrower destroying Israel.

Jews are forced onto ships to Germany by masked Hamas terrorists.

Worshippers are chased out of the Kotel plaza which is destroyed and replaced with the “Mughrabi Quarter.”

Armed masked terrorists are seen on the roof of the Dome of the Rock to ensure that Jews can never visit there as they sing that there is no Temple in Jerusalem.

There are still lots of Westerners who twist themselves into pretzels to pretend that Hamas accepts Israel’s right to exist. This video won’t convince them otherwise, because there are none so blind as those who will not see.


By Joshua Levitt for Algemeiner.

Al Qassam Brigades, the armed militant wing of Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas, released a hateful animated parody video to mock Israeli Independence Day, showing their dystopic vision of how Israel could be eradicated, according to blogger Elder of Ziyon, who flagged the video on Tuesday.

Set to the tune of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikva, ‘The Hope,’ the Hamas video was entitled ‘The End of Hope.’

Among some of the imagery, the video shows a young cartoon rock thrower destroying Israel with one stone, Jews being forced to walk the gangplank by masked Hamas terrorists directing them onto ships en route to Germany, while Jews praying at the Wailing Wall are chased out of the plaza, which is destroyed and replaced by the “Mughrabi Quarter.”

Armed masked men stand guard on the roof of the Dome of the Rock to keep Jews away. As the guerrillas sing that there is no Temple in Jerusalem, an Israeli flag burns.

The blogger said, “There are still lots of Westerners who twist themselves into pretzels to pretend that Hamas accepts Israel’s right to exist. This video won’t convince them otherwise, because there are none so blind as those who will not see.”



Moderate Arab gets expelled from his union for Auschwitz trip

In March, I posted “An Israeli leftist’s lonely search for a moderate Palestinian Arab.” Professor Einat Wilf spent months trying to find a single Palestinian Arab who would agree to sign this statement:

“The Jewish people around the world and Palestinian people around the world are both indigenous to the Land of Israel/Palestine and therefore have an equal and legitimate right to settle and live anywhere in the Land of Israel/Palestine, but given the desire of both peoples to a sovereign state that would reflect their unique culture and history, we believe in sharing the land between a Jewish state, Israel, and an Arab state, Palestine, that would allow them each to enjoy dignity and sovereignty in their own national home. Neither Israel nor Palestine should be exclusively for the Jewish and Palestinian people respectively and both should accommodate minorities of the other people.”

In the end, she found exactly one. That person was Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi, the head of American Studies at Al-Quds University (ironic enough given the hatred of Israel by the American Studies Association) and founder of the Palestinian centrist movement, Wasatia.

If all Palestinian Arab leaders could sign a statement like this today – a very even-handed statement that places a false equivalency between the age-old Jewish attachment to Eretz Yisrael and the recent nationalism of Palestinian Arabs – then there would be peace, real peace, tomorrow.

But only one person has been found to do it publicly.

Dr. Dajani is the professor who led 27 Palestinian Arab students to visit Auschwitz later that month, to withering criticism.

Now, Dajani’s membership in his teachers’ union has been suspended because of his trip.

From the Facebook page of Rima Najjar, Assistant Professor of English Literature at Al Quds:


The attached text is a letter published on the Facebook page of Al-Quds University Union of Professors and Employees, in which it is announced that Dr. Mohammad Dajani’s membership in the association has been suspended because of “behavior that contravenes the policies and norms” of the association (meaning the academic and cultural boycott of Israeli universities that the association had voted on). The letter does not state this, but the discussion prior to the announcement refers to the trip he took with some students to visit Auschwitz.

She goes on to say that there is no comparison between Arab students visiting Auschwitz and Jewish students visiting an UNRWA camp – because visiting Auschwitz is unforgivable.

She also quotes another prominent Arab academic, Mazin Qumsiyeh, as saying that Dajanis’ visit to Auschwitz is antisemitic!

[Dajani] adopted the Zionist perspective that Judaism and Zionism are the same thing and in our opinion this is an antisemitic attitude to equate Zionism and Judaism and somehow link making peace and Zionism with the issues of Jewish suffering around the world.

The fact is that at least 99% of intellectual Palestinian Arabs cannot stomach the idea that Jews have ever been victims of any sort. They viciously attack the extraordinarily few Palestinian Arabs who truly want to live in peace and coexistence.

If anyone can seriously believe that true peace is possible in such a toxic and hateful environment when a simple admission that Jews were slaughtered is controversial and insulted, I’d love to see their logic.

(h/t Bob Knot)


Sheikh Tamimi predicts a “massacre in Al Aqsa” today

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, “Chief Justice of Palestine” and Secretary General of the Supreme Islamic Council in Jerusalem, says that Israel is planning to massacre Muslims on the Temple Mount today, in order to give an excuse to divide it between Jews and Muslims.

Israeli police are limiting the number of Muslims onto the Mount today to avoid problems as a crowd of Jews plan to ascend for Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

As soon as Jewish groups announced their plans to visit the Mount today, Muslim leaders put out a call to have thousands of people “defend Al Aqsa” from being “desecrated.”

Tamimi says that today’s planned massacre will follow the formula of Baruch Goldstein’s murdering Muslims at the Cave of the Patriarchs, implying that it was a Zionist plot to give an excuse for the “temporal and physical division” of the holy spot.

Tamimi has a history of hysterical incitement like this. He once insisted that Israel would destroy Al Aqsa and build a Temple by March 16, 2010. When that date passed without incident, he just started a new rumor. And so on.

So far, this “massacre” is as real as Tamimi’s other confident predictions. Although I suspect that he would be quite pleased if such an event occurred.

Oh, and this terror supporting sheikh who spends his days inciting Muslims to attack Jews was one of the esteemed people visited by the State Department’s Shaun Casey earlier this year.

Here is a video shown on the Aqsa Heritage Foundation website that shows how violent these evil Jewish settlers were when they visited today.


Hamas Activity in West Bank Fuels Fear Unity Deal Becoming a Lifeline to Terror

Hamas’s command and control infrastructure, as well as huge swaths of its advanced arsenal, had been severely degraded during an eight-day Israeli air campaign in November 2012 that came in response to a sharp escalation in the amount and sophistication of projectiles that the group was using to target Israeli civilians and soldiers.
Less than a year later, in the aftermath of the ouster of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-linked then-president Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian army undertook a systematic campaign to destroy the smuggling tunnels that linked the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to the Sinai Peninsula and which served as Hamas’s economic channel to the outside world.
By October of last year, Hamas officials were publicly bemoaning that they had been “sentenced to death,” and by February 2014 analysts were predicting that Hamas was facing “a very bad year.” Subsequent months seemed in line with those assessments, with Hamas diplomatically isolated and seemingly caught in a downward economic spiral.

Israel Independence Day


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