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HII Caught up with a very jet-lagged Craig Dershowitz in Tel Aviv.
Craig was kind enough to give us an interview instead of catching up on his much needed beauty rest… sleep!

Check out amazing footage of some of the most talented artists from around the world, who arrived in Israel to paint bomb shelters used to literally shelter Israeli families from the endless barrage of rocket fire coming from Gaza.

Israel is held to a double standard. While they are expected to create zero citizen casualties when going in to Gaza to protect their own people, the world turns a blind eye to Hamas’ whose very objective is to shoot their missiles into Israeli civilian populations. More often than not Palestinian rocket fire is not successful in hitting its target. This does not excuse their endless attempts to kill the innocent nor reduce the fear 1000’s of rockets fired year after year has instilled in the innocent Israeli families who must live with the threat day in and day out.




WAR (Project)
Capzoola – Tel Aviv
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